The atmosphere home products are selling well overseas!


Source: ennews

The constant upgrading of people's consumption concept will also drive the diversified hot selling trend. Today's people, especially young consumers, pay more attention to the atmosphere of life.


It can also be found on many social media platforms that people have a strong interest in the comfortable, simple, or retro home scenes shown in videos. Even though viewers do not have their own houses in the city, they still want to have a reasonable home atmosphere!


At the same time, ambience home furnishing and related categories have also become hot overseas products. According to relevant dataFrom 2013 to 2023, the market value of global consumer goods, including home furnishing and gardening, will rank the fourth, with an estimated annual compound growth rate of about 2.1%.


In addition, with the continuous promotion of social media, a variety of home styles and good things to create a sense of home atmosphere are becoming more and more popular hot selling items, which cater to the emotional needs of consumers to create a sense of home atmosphere and relax.


Moreover, data shows that around a quarter of Internet users worldwide are willing to spend their spare money on improving their home environment.


The popular atmosphere feeling household items include sunset lamps, solid wood tables, bookcases and bookcases, lamps with unique shapes, various green plants, and carpets with various styles matching the seasons.


In addition, there are various products full of sense of science and technology, including intelligent Bluetooth speakers, projectors. In addition, under the epidemic situation, a variety of online office products, such as office desks and e-sports chairs, have been promoted.


The continuous epidemic in the past two years has also greatly promoted the development of online shoppingAround the middle of December 2021, according to the case of new variant virus infection in many countries in the world, the epidemic will continue, so the online shopping scale of people in many countries in the world will continue to expand, and sellers should seize the opportunity.


My colleague Xiaobian also reminds that for many cross-border e-commerce consumers, in addition to focusing on the product itself, they also pay great attention to the logistics and transportation efficiency of online shopping, especially European online consumers, who are very interested in free distribution services, which will even affect their overall shopping experience, and sellers must pay attention to it.

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