A cross-border company: If the operational performance does not meet the standards, the salary will be 0!


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At the beginning of the new year, a new oneFlags flying all over the world, have your company set distant goals?


2022 is coming! The new year is always endowed with beautiful imagination by many people. Cross border workers are quietly setting their small aspirations to become wealthy, and various cross-border e-commerce companies have also set small goals of annual sales of millions or billions.


Can these small goals, carrying infinite beauty, be easily achieved?


Cross border e-commerce companies may only achieve one tenth of the goals set at the beginning of the year by the end of the year? Is sales more important or profit more important? Compared to blindly expanding scale, is the small and beautiful Amazon team actually more nourishing?


The wish made by cross-border e-commerce workers at the beginning of the year,Full of confidence at the beginning of the year,Hard and dry scalp in the middle of the year,At the end of the yearJustresignation?What is the true portrayal of Amazon's operations in 2021? Can workers earn more basic salaries and commissions in 2022?


A cross-border company: If the performance does not meet the standards, the employee's base salary will be 0!


As is well known, the salary system of cross-border e-commerce companies generally adopts a base salary plus commission model, where the base salary is generally paid based on personal work experience and ability. The higher the ability, the higher the base salary. In terms of commission, some companies calculate commission based on sales revenue, while others calculate commission based on gross profit.


Recently, a certain Amazon employee stated that their company's commission calculation method adopts a gross profit model, where gross profit refers to deducting platform commissions, platform delivery fees, advertising fees, order brushing, product costs, and initial expenses. However, sinceStarting from January 2022, the company will adopt a new salary system, with a tiered gross profit model (which deducts all costs and expenses of the company, including employees' personal salaries). According to different levels, employees can receive commissions ranging from 8 to 15 points.


This commission calculation method, praised by many industry insiders, is actually very high, but it has time limitations. It is reported that the previousThe above commission calculation method is adopted for three months. Starting from the fourth month, if the company's gross profit for the current month is only 6000 yuan, then the employee not only does not have a commission, but even if the base salary originally exceeded 6000 yuan, only 6000 yuan will be paid. If the gross profit is 100 yuan, the employee does not have a commission, and the base salary will also be reduced to only 100 yuan; If the gross profit is negative, the employee will receive no commission and their base salary will be directly reset to zero. After working hard for a month, the employee will not receive a penny.


After the commission system was exposed, a large number of operations started the roast mode,The infinite size of the pie painting means that it cannot be eaten“I never expected that the minimum wage limit for working people would be0 Salary”There's no one else doing this anymore


The above company is required toEveryone has different opinions on whether the new salary system will be implemented in 2022 and whether it is inherently infeasible. From a phenomenal perspective, every cross-border e-commerce company sets a new goal at the beginning of each year, and once the goal is achieved, employees can receive a certain amount of attractive compensation. Behind this tradition, the company is essentially mobilizing employees' enthusiasm, allowing the company to earn more money.


Going overseas to a cross-border company: If the operational performance does not meet the standards, the salary will be 0!


At the beginning of the year, many cross-border companiesThe full year performance targets for 2022 are also being hotly announced.


An Amazon operator stated that their company2022 Performance Goalsyesone hundred millionNow eachOperationsI have it all in my hands4-5 products with an average performance of 20 million per person. It is reported that many cross-border e-commerce companies believe thatIn 2022, there are still some leaders, so they have set small targets for sales of over 100 million yuan.


There are also many companies whose goals are lower thanOne hundred million. An Amazon operator stated that their company's proposed goal is to achieve annual sales of 50 million RMB. The existing operation team members are divided into 45 million performance tasks, and the remaining 5 million performance tasks will be digested by new business and personnel next year.


What operators need to do is to quickly formulate their own performance goals and propose constructive approaches to achieve the company's performance goals. The editor has learned that many operations are currently working hard to write2022 "Goal Plan Decomposition" Plan.


According to feedback from Amazon operators, many companies haveThe sales target for 2022 is set at 50 million RMB, which means an average daily sales of nearly 140000 RMB per year. Some people believe that this number can be easily achieved, while others believe that it is difficult to reach the blue sky. Whether a product can be sold depends not only on the personal ability of the operator, but also on whether the company has provided sufficient supporting resources for operation.


One operator stated that their company only hasHe is currently responsible for two operations, and the daily sales of the account he is responsible for is only over 10000 yuan. He is not sure whether the company will provide sufficient funds and resource support. However, even if the funds are in place, based on the current situation of the company's operating personnel and the daily sales of the store, it is difficult to achieve a sales revenue of 50 million yuan per year.


Several industry peers also expressedThe goal of 50 million is a bit too high. The difference between the current daily sales and the actual target to be achieved is too far, "said an operations colleague, who said that an annual sales of 50 million isDaily salesnearly140 thousandTo$20aboutCalculation of customer unit priceWe also need toDaily sales1000 ordersaboutThe cash flow that needs to be supported to achieve this order quantity isThe product cost and initial shipping cost for 3-4 months are estimated to be approximatelyalsostayAbout 500W,If there were no blockbusters, this goal would be impossible to achieveofEven if there are popular models, it's difficultTo achieve.


Another operator said that if the company does not have sufficient financial support,Just think about the sales revenue of 50 million yuan. It is reported that their company's overall sales revenue in 2021 is 35 million. During the peak period of stocking during the peak season, the goods under pressure accounted for about 10 million. Therefore, Amazon has extremely high requirements for funds. Regardless of whether the company has sufficient funds to achieve the sales target of 50 million, even if there are, the company may have to reserve some funds to prevent various unexpected events such as logistics, spoofing, platform policies, etc, Doing Amazon is not just about selling goods. It takes a sum of money to handle an unexpected event. Nowadays, earning money or not is a small matter, and not losing money or debt or going bankrupt is a big deal


It is reported that the one who just passed byIn 2021, many cross-border e-commerce companies were in a difficult state of survival, and the goals set at the beginning of 2021 were not achieved.


In 2019, we achieved10 millionSales revenue of yuan,The target set by the company in 2020 is 40 million yuan. Although we did not achieve it, the compliance rate is 95%. In 2021, the company's sales target directly increased to 160 million yuan, and only half of the target was finally achieved This operator stated that if the goal is not achieved, the year-end bonus will naturally not be given year after year.


Another operator also stated that,The boss sets a huge goal every year,Never completed1/10,It's difficult to achieve annual sales targets, the companytwentytwenty-oneyearThe sales target for is100 million, but the actual completion rate is only around 10 million Even so, in the new year, many Amazon companies' New Year's goals are still as high as flying.


Goals are always necessary, what if they are achieved? Every line has two or eight laws. In the cross-border e-commerce industry, there will always be some Amazon companies that exceed their annual goals, but according to established laws, there are still many Amazon sellers whoThere may be the following changes in the 2022 earnings target:


January 1st, 2022 Goal: Make a big profit and make a special profit

twomonthoneday2022 Goal: Get back to basics

threemonthoneday2022 Goal: Win with Less Losses

fourmonthonedayGoal for 2022: We need to find a way to make money

fivemonthoneday2022 Goal:Live, whatever you want


Amazon seller: Sales are not important, high profits are the key!


Are all behaviors that only talk about sales but not profit playing hooligans?


Now our company doesn't focus on sales anymore, but on aligning with profits. It is reported that many cross-border e-commerce companies, after reviewing their achievements in 2021, gradually feel that compared to their seemingly attractive sales, the profit they receive is actually the most important.


Just looking at sales doesn't really make much sense. What really feeds us is profit, "said an Amazon seller. They once pursued sales and thought that expanding their scale would give them more say when negotiating with factories. However, in the process, they slowly realized that blindly pursuing sales can actually cause many problems, such as high customer prices and large capacity markets, After the promotion of such products, sales will slowly skyrocket, even if the performance reaches 50 million yuan, which is not a problem. The problem they overlook is that as the shipment volume steadily increases, the stock volume gradually increases invisibly. At this time, the control of operations and risk hazards also infinitely increase. If the product is accidentally turned into inventory, clearing the inventory is a big trouble.


A cross-border company with overseas information: If the operating performance does not meet the standards, the salary will be 0!


Nowadays, more and more Amazon sellers have realized:Finding profitable product directions and models, gradually expanding and expanding the company's scale, is more practical than simply setting targets.


From simply pursuing sales revenue to pursuing profits and valuing long-term development, the shift in Amazon sellers' awareness ultimately stems from too many uncertain factors in cross-border e-commerce exports, driving them to constantly seek the best way to survive.


Long term>Strong>Big, in the eyes of many Amazon practitioners, some small-scale teamsIt's easy to turn around when the boat is small, and even in the face of sudden changes, one can quickly recover.


Being a quiet and profitable small seller is also great. Why do we have to do it on a large scale? Is it important to make money or scale? It's not just to make money on a larger scale, but to make money on a larger scale. The larger the scale, the less money you can make. "A single seller believes that company expenses and labor costs are bottomless holes, and cross-border e-commerce is a suitable operating model for small and beautiful businesses,A team with only two or three people can do well, one person is responsible for sales, one person is responsible for procurement, and one person is responsible for packaging and shipping.If the seller's personal comprehensive ability is strong, in fact, one person can also do well on Amazon. Tiredness is a bit tiring, but it can save hundreds of thousands of labor costs every year.


In 2021, many operating dogs are a true portrayal of


Is a small and beautiful team better, or are cross-border e-commerce companies with thousands of people more popular? Behind the discussion of scale, it actually returns to the issue of making money itself, so controlling costs is undoubtedly the top priority for cross-border e-commerce companies. To some extent,The less companies can control costs, the less they can make money.


It is reported that many Amazon sellers areAfter making a lot of profits in 2019 and 2020, and ambitious enough to invest a lot of money in 2021, Amazon's business environment suddenly took a turn for the worse, and Amazon sellers were unable to turn around and fell through. Countless failed Amazon sellers have also become the 2021 Amazon influencers of the year, providing countless materials for casual discussions between insiders and outsiders:

January March: Wu Sangui! One cabinet of brushes, one cabinet of gifts, and one cabinet of flash sales;
April June: Zheng Chenggong! As long as something can be given away, it is considered successful;
July September: Zhang Sanfeng! Account closure, fund closure, brand closure;
October December: Li Siguang! Comment light, traffic light, capital light, and head light;
To bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, one must still persist: Aobai! Take a hard time, and all that money will be lost.


For Amazon workers,2021 is also an extraordinary year, as the changing work environment has made it relatively bumpy for them last year. With a salary of several thousand yuan and a focus on achieving millions of results, they haven't had a solid sleep after starting Amazon for a long time.


It's only my fault that I didn't study hard and ended up being the end of Amazon. "A certain operator looked at their empty pockets and regretted entering the wrong industry for the Nth time; Another operator wrote the hard work of 2021 as the annual summary for 2021:


Dear Amazon person, twelve months have passed and you still haven't made a hit. Let's take a look at your work situation this year!

You wrote this year88 POAs, it's really a lucky number, of which 64 times you don't even know how to write them.

This year, you rushed to sell in the middle of the night364 times, greeting each other in beautiful Chinese, a telegraph operator was alive and kicking. On August 26th, at 5am, he was still giving and selling test orders.

This year, you worked overtime in total365 days, on a quiet night in front of the computer, you gritted your teeth and cursed the rising shipping costs without even sending them out, while calmly planning your next shipping plan.

October 6th must have been an unforgettable day. You talked to Amazon customer service for a whole hour and a half, dictating a POA that you wouldn't even execute, until your phone ran out of battery.

On November 20th, the twelfth phone call you made to the freight forwarder was finally connected. It felt like the freight forwarder who was patting his chest with various guarantees was just like being taken by an alien to make soup. The freight forwarder told you that your goods didn't know where they went and you need to find them. You still owe the supplier 10w, rent 2w, and property and heating fees have been called 800 times.

In 2021, your annual keywords are: "Where is my store for sleeping slots", "Where is my dog for sleeping slots", "Where is my link for sleeping slots", "I don't even do sand carving Amazon dogs", "Where is my inventory for sleeping slots"?

I was probably sick and couldn't sleep at all. I sat up and pressed for a whileF5, this sadness has no origin, staring gloomily at the two stores on the monitor, one without orders and the other without orders.


Cross border e-commerce: If the operational performance does not meet the standards, the salary will be 0!


Although the above content has a strong sense of sarcasm between the lines, there are various elements such as order quantity, co selling, labeling, appeal, inventory, logistics, etc. This also covers all aspects of the daily work of Amazon workers. The operators' hard work for a year is vividly reflected in their paper work, and this annual summary of operations is also called a very heartfelt and true reflection by peers.In 2021, there will be tears and gains. What are the most achievements and regrets for operators in 2021? The editor collected some real feedback:


stayWhat do you think is the most successful and fulfilling thing in 2021? The popular answer is:

1. Help the boss buy a house

2. Transfer from other platforms to Amazon

3. Picking up bottles to hedge against Amazon

4. Changing companies


stayWhat do you think is the most regrettable thing in 2021? The popular answer is:

1. I only bought one apartment for the boss, there aren't enough houses

2. Relying solely on a basic salary for a strong living throughout the year

3. The profit from bottle picking is higher than that of Amazon products

4. No change of company


For better planningIn 2022, what will you do for one key task that must be completed? The popular answer is:

1. Carrying a bucket and running alone, buying a house on your own

2. Making Money on Amazon

3. Changing from Amazon to setting up street stalls and selling barbecues, and having a stable flow of wine bottles
4. Not being a service provider for Amazon, freight forwarders and training all lead to Rome


No matter whatWhether the year 2021 is good or not, regardless of Amazon's New Year's goals for 2022, it ultimately boils down to one goal: to make money.


Are you optimistic about 2022?


The question widely considered by Amazon sellers now is:Will the working environment for cross-border e-commerce exports become better in 2022 than in 2021?


Those who bought a house at Shenzhen Bay No.1 in 2020 must have made money by working on Amazon. In 2021, someone died and couldn't survive. He must have been working on Amazon. 2021 is such a bad year, and it may be the best year in nearly 10 years. I don't think 2022 will be better than 2021, "said several Amazon sellers21 years is the middle of these yearsLive wellThe toughest year, butThey don't knowPlace hope in2022Amazon's environment will improve,Can sustaintwenty21 yearsThe state of affairs may all be extravagant expectations.


In 2022, we will continue to compress the cost contraction front and wait for the cold winter to pass before considering the long term. "An Amazon seller who is not optimistic about the 2022 market stated in detail that Amazon will continue to expand in 2022volumedown,Xiaobai is still constantly entering, and without any operational skills, XiaobaiFighting a cost war,Curl you to deathOld sellers are being sold at reduced prices to clear their positions, leading to the fall of various categoriesThe price contagion that scared Amazon sellers in 2021 may become even more intense in 2022


Not everyone is not optimistic2022. Amazon sellers who continue to hold an optimistic attitude towards Amazon believe that the 2021 Amazon environment has persuaded a large number of novice sellers, and the fanatical Amazon has gradually subsided. Old sellers are cautious and dare not fully devote themselves to Amazon. In addition, the trend of platform account suspension has eliminated some people who play black tricks, and the number of "bad" Amazon sellers has decreased. 2022 is actually a good time to make money.


You keep an eye on itIs Amazon in 2022? This issue is certainly worth exploring, but currently Amazon sellers still have more important things to do:Place hope inIn 2022, the Amazon environment will improve,It's not as good asChange your mindset and make yourself strongerTo any harshenvironmentZhongdu NengSurvive.

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