2022 The most popular item for mothers is announced, 58% will buy beauty products


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Although the peak season has passed, online retailersZulilyyesA survey of 1000 mothers in the United States found that 68% of mothers would buy gifts for themselves and their relatives at this time.


ZulilyBy analyzing sales data andFrom Google's hot search words,February is the time for mothers to stock up on items, from home decoration to cosmetics.Detailed items and trends fall into the following categories:


Buy beauty products to relieve mood


Wearing masks for nearly two years, beauty products give mothers a little comfort. have58% of the respondents said that they believed that buying beauty products was a relatively low-cost way to alleviate and boost their emotions. Most mothers will stock up beauty products in February ahead of the sales surge in March,For example, eyebrow trimming tools, lipstick, cosmetics, etc.


Buy necessities for summer vacation in advance


In order to prepare in advance to enjoy the summer vacation at home, mothers will"Off peak shopping" means buying necessities for summer vacation in advance, because the discount is the strongest at this time.Sales of flip flops, sunglasses, swimwear blouses and one-piece swimwearMarch will soar.


In addition to adults' summer equipment, mothers will also buy blouses, swimwear and other items for their children's spring break in advance, so that children can welcome the spring break with a new look.


Decorative sales increase in spring


In order to get rid of the depression in winterIn February, mothers will buy items such as succulent plants and indoor flowers.The survey shows that this is not only because of the desire for warmth and green in spring, but also a form of self-care for mothers. This kind of decoration will bring more happiness to mothers and make them happy.67% of mothers surveyed said they decorate their homes every season.


ZulilyofThe survey also found that the reason why mothers plan shopping in advance at this time,75% of the surveyed mothers said this would help them reduce their stress, 62% said it would save them time, and 54% thought it would save them money.


Although there will be discounts for shopping on Black Friday and traditional festivalsZulilyIt can offer lower prices than other online retailers throughout the year. Many mothers forget to buy gifts for themselves during the shopping festival at the end of the year, so most of them will go toZulilyLook for discounts.


The above data can provide relevant sellers with sales ideas. Concentrated time to discount can really bring huge sales and traffic to the store.However, in ordinary times or on some specific days, offering ultra-low discounts is also conducive to consolidating the consumer groups brought by the peak season, which will greatly help to improve the overall sales of the store.

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