Want to challenge Amazon? JD enters the European market


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to the American Consumer News and Business Channel(CNBC) reported that JD is entering the European market.


According to the report,JD has opened two retail stores in the Netherlands,andRobots will be equippedMake an orderprepareAnd sorting


These two familiesbe known asOchama's "Robot Shop"partLocated in Leiden and Rotterdam,This is alsoThis marks the first time that JD has opened a physical store in Europe.CNBC commented:“It highlights the ambition of the Chinese giant to expand outside China.


JD said shoppers can useOchama Application SubscriptionMultiple products, includingfoodBeauty and household productsThen they can go to the store to pick up the order. The robot in the store will automatically complete the productPicking and order classification. When shoppers arrive at the store, they canadoptBarcodes on the application,Receive order products


In addition to picking up goods in the store, consumers can also choose next day delivery or door-to-door delivery services when paying orders, rather than picking up goods in person.


CNBC believes that,JD's entry into Europe marks the beginning of the potential challenges facing Amazon.It is understood that AmazonHas launched its own unmanned grocery store in the United StatesAmazon Go, launched Amazon Fresh in the UK.JingdongIt said it plans to open two more stores in Amsterdam and Utrecht, the Netherlands.


CNBC stated that,Ochama stores combine JD's advantages in logistics and e-commerce.


althoughMost of JD's income still comes from China, but in recent years,Jingdong is also hereexpandownOverseas business.Overseas, JD has operatedOne namedJoybuy. Com. JD Central, an e-commerce joint venture in Thailand, is also the largest shareholder of Tiki, a Vietnamese shopping platform.


stay2021In an interview in November, Xin Lijun, the newly appointed CEO of JD's retail business, told CNBC that,JD.COMIs"Further strategic analysis in Vietnam and Europe" as potential expansion sites.This settlement of JD in Europe also confirms this statement.


There was also a rumor that JD was looking for excellent Amazon stores and might acquire them later, but it has not been confirmed yet.

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