The overseas version of 'Pinduoduo' is available! The low-priced group buying model has become a trend


Author:Zeng Xuening
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Driven by the growing demand for grocery delivery, India's distribution e-commerce business is also rapidly recovering. The largest local electronic grocerBigBasketWe are also constantly exploring new methods to retain and attract more new users.


According to a report by the local media 'Economic Times', drawing on China's Pinduoduo,BigBasketTargeting third and fourth tier cities, testing the shopping methods of community group buying. Users can create groups through messaging and social media platforms to purchase products at lower prices.


BigBasketCurrently in the process of arrangingWith 30 cities operating, this new shopping method will expand its footprint in smaller towns in India.Due to the epidemic, most consumers in these cities have transitioned to online shopping. So launching this group buying service is expected to attract more users.


Meanwhile,BigBasketWe are also preparing to launch a program calledBB Now's express delivery service can deliver goods within 15-30 minutes. There are already many companies in India that provide such fast delivery services, soBigBasketLaunchedBB Now service can compete with these competitors and carve out the cake of fast business.


The cross-border overseas version of 'Pinduoduo' has been launched! The low-priced group buying model has become a trend


exceptBigBasket,Online grocery platformGrofersLast yearIn June, a service was also launched to deliver fresh agricultural products and groceries to home within ten minutes.Food distribution giantsSwiggy Last year, we also launched a express delivery service for groceriesInstamart,The current delivery time isWithin 45 minutes, and it is expected to invest $700 million this year to improve services and shorten delivery time to 15-30 minutes.


althoughBigBasketofThe group buying model can increase one's competitive advantage. But due toDealShare and ShopsySocial platforms supported by Indian e-commerce giants have also put a lot of effort into grocery delivery.So it is expected that there will also be a lot of competition in the social commerce sector.


BigBasketIntended to centralize different modes of grocery shopping on one platform, providing consumers with more convenient and diverse purchasing modes. In order to attract more users to purchase and increase sales.In the era of rapid development of e-commerce, only by constantly innovating can we win the hearts of more consumers and achieve sales growth.

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