Mercado Libre Mexico market will expand to 32 states!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

According to foreign mediaLatest news, RecentlyLatin American e-commerce giantMercado Libreexpress,2022takecontinueExpand onMexico's business, its service scopeFrom existing23 states extend to32 statesThere is huge space to expand the market.


At present,Mercado LibreIt has become the company with the highest valuation in Latin America, and its sales exceedIt has a great advantage in the competition of local e-commerce platforms, and is one of the most popular online shopping platforms for local consumers.


according toMercado Libre MarketDisclosed by the relevant person in charge of the departmentIts companyIn Mexico City in 2021ofPlatform salesalreadythe height isUS $3.5 million


actually,Mercado LibreCompetitors in the Mexican market are very strong, including e-commerce giants Amazon, Wal Mart, and local competitorsCoppel (the second largest department store in Mexico) has an average monthly flow of 17 million times. But even so,Mercado LibreIt still maintains its dominant position in the Latin American market, with high consumer stickiness and monthly visits of about110 million times.


Mexico, as the third largest online retail market in Latin America, has maintained a steady growth in consumer spending.In 2020, the scale of e-commerce market will reach about 16.9 billion dollars, and the number of e-commerce users will exceed 55 million.according toRelevant institutionsforecast,Mexico 2022Online sales may reachUS $50 billion.


 According to the consumption trend of previous holidays, clothing and electronic products are still the most expensive categories in Latin America, including Mexico. In addition, with the repeated epidemic, the sales of disinfection and health products have also increased significantly.


In terms of consumer groups, the Mexican market is dominated by young people, mostly online shopping, and has huge consumption potential in the e-commerce market.


according toMercado LibreAccording to the 2021 financial report,Mercado LibreNet income in Mexico increased in the third quarter76%。 In addition,Mercado LibreIt also expanded the distribution warehouse last year to facilitate faster and on-time delivery, and continuously improved the service level and quality of its platform.

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