Selection trend! In 2022, Russians love to send these New Year gifts


Source: ennews

The New Year is still more than half a month away. Xiao Bian is very excited and waiting for the New Year. With the continuous expansion of the spread of Chinese culture around the world, many foreigners have also started to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is reported that even Russians love the traditional Chinese New Year. So what kind of New Year gifts are these foreigners going to buy this year?


It is understood thatAfter Christmas 2021,Game machines and toysstayRussian marketsales volumeSurge, average daily saleseven to the extent thatReached433.7 million rubles, compared with the same period in NovemberIncreased sales4x


And inNew Year agoXi, exceptHasSales volume of children's productsBeyond the big increaseSmartphones, headsets, etcelectronic productas well asJewelleryAnd perfumeThe sales volume ofGood upward trend


For the coming New Year,Consumer ElectronicsAudio, headset, etcAudio equipment and small appliancesThe Russian people like it very muchNew Year gift.


It is also understood that after Christmas and before the New Year, the Russian markethousehold electrical appliancesofIncreased demand35%,onlyIn five days, the sales reached1.3 billion rubles。 in especialDecember 29thThis daySales reached327 million rubles,becomesinceThe highest single day sales record since September 1.


stay2021ofLast five days, computers, mobile phones, video and audioetc.Equipment sales exceeded14.9 billion rubles, an increase of 80.3% over the same period in November.


In addition, before the New Year,The Russian demand for cosmetics and perfume is also twice that of the past.This kind of products will befrontThe sales volume in five days reached 5.2 billion rubles, an increase of nearly 83%.


meanwhile, Sales of clothing and footwearalsoAdded39%, reaching 9.6 billion rubles, December 30same dayUshered in a sales peak, and the single day sales reached1.9 billion rubles,thanSales on the Day of "Black Five"Even higher!


For the upcoming New Year, relevant sellers can also make online shopping gifts for consumers in Russia according to their consumption preferences, such as electronic products, smartphones, headphones and audio devices, clothing and shoes. Try to catch up with another wave of hot sales before the New Year!

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