Search more than 40000 times a day, and the sales volume of hand sanitizer doubled


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

The epidemic situation is repeated. Although the control of epidemic prevention in foreign countries is not as strict as that in China, many basic protective products are still needed, among which the sales of hand sanitizer has increased.


According to foreign media reports,Self discoveryOmikjonIn the last four weeks since the variant,Cleaning brandPurdy&Figg's hand washing spray sales more than tripled.AndCompared with September 2021, the sales of the brand's online store increased by 320%, anduserquantityalsoIt has more than tripled.


The brand is mainly sold in Amazon UKflowstayIt will reach its peak on December 17, 2021, with 46614 searches for hand sanitizer,Enough to explainHand sanitizers are still a necessity for many consumers.


This significant increase may be attributed to theOmikjonThe continuing uncertainty of the variant,In recent years, new records have been set in EuropeThe arrival of the school seasonandas well asworkStrengthening protection becomes more critical.


In addition,In addition to the severity of the epidemic,Months of blockade and limited social interactionPeopleimmunityYesDecline, seasonal influenza (most common inDecember to March) and common coldstayPropagation speed this yearalsoFaster and more serious, leading to increased use of hand sanitizerit is hoped thatwithHereHelp prevent infection


Based on previous relevant findings,stayAt the beginning of 2021, 58% of British consumers have taken hand sanitizer as a part of their daily life.It is reported that these hand sanitizers, because they contain alcohol, can also play a role in sterilization to a certain extent, and are also very free and convenient to use.


In addition to the increased search for hand sanitizer in UK stations,The search volume of children's masks in the US station also increased sharply,With the arrival of the school season and the health organization's promotion that students wear masks, many parents are choosing suitable masks for their children. Respirator manufacturers and dealers also said that the sales volume multiples increased, while the prices began to rise.


Although foreign epidemic prevention measures are not as strict as domestic ones, some basic daily protection is just needed, and related products are also experiencing a wave of sales boom.

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