Argentina's omnichannel sales skyrocketed by 126% in 2021, making home furnishings a hot topic!


Author:Zeng Xuening
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ContinentalIt is an online billing and management system for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, which has recently been released2021 Annual Sales Report. From the data statistics of enterprises issuing invoices on the system in 2021, we can understand the sales situation of the country last year.


They investigated Argentina, including small and medium-sized enterprises registered in online management and billing systemsMore than 5000 users found that compared to 2020, the sales volume of physical channels and online stores in Argentina increased by 71.08% in 2021.


In terms of revenue,In 2021, the sales of all channel stores in Argentina, including physical and online stores, increased by 126.08% compared to 2020.stayContinentalThe total amount of small and medium-sized enterprises invoiced on has reached140 billion pesos. In 2020, this figure was only 62 billion pesos, with an increase of more than double the amount.


according toContinental CEO Leandro HalfonofIt is said that the technology category has the strongest demand, followed closely by furniture, clothing, and footwear.These categories all contributed greatly to Argentina's sales last year.


ContinentalStatistics,In 2021, online sales increased by 108.93% and the revenue reached 58.961 billion pesos. In 2020, the turnover was 28.22 billion pesos, a nearly double year-on-year increase.


Outbound Information Argentina's 2021 omnichannel sales have skyrocketed by 126%, and household products are popular!


Data shows that Argentina's e-commerce market is growing at an annual rate of20% growth rate,In 2021, the total scale of the e-commerce market reached 6.8 billion US dollars. It is expected to reach $10 billion by 2024.


And before shopping, Argentinians have81% of people search online first, and nearly 55% of people nationwide choose to shop online.And clothing, electronic products, and footwear are the three most popular categories.Therefore, businesses can spend more time on online publicity when laying out the Argentine market, which can increase the exposure rate in consumers' search before shopping, so as to improve sales.


MercadoLibreIt is the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America and is also known as the Latin American versionEBay. Its market share in Latin America is higher than that of eBay and Amazon, and sellers interested in entering the Latin American market can pay more attention to this platform.


In the current situation where various cross-border platforms are developing rapidly, Latin America is still in a state of undevelopment, which means it is a market with great potential for development. Sellers are expected to explore many development opportunities here by conducting investigations and preparing well.

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