At the end of the year, a "layoff trend" has arisen? Operations: Forced to resign and PUA


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Recently, there have been frequent reports of employees being dismissed within the cross-border industry, which has made many cross-border workers feel uneasy. A cross-border worker sighs: It's hard to imagine how it feels to be buried in writing your year-end summary and suddenly realize that you've been 'fired'


Dismissal at the end of the year! Operation: Not paying social security but also being subject to PUA


one personOperations stated that towards the end of the yearJustWas dismissed by the company, and the reason for the dismissal given by the company isoneselfofThere are issues with work ability and attitude, and the company is unwilling to provide compensation for the operation.


Later on, I won some compensation, but less than half a month's salary, "according to the operation, during this processThe company threatened to relocate and force him to resign voluntarily, and conducted a PUA on him, pointing out various problems in his work.For companies that do not providehand overThe dismissal behavior of social security and justifiable actions, the operation said: "It seems like it's wrong for employees to strive for their own interests. At the end of the year, the person who dismissed said it was for my own sake


In response to the experience of this operation, many sellers have expressed their opinions, such as "social security is a must, it is recommended to go directly to legal channels", "it is recommended to keep the evidence in the recording to protect their own interests", "in this situation, we can only relax and consider it as an early vacation to go home with our family"


Is the "layoff trend" on e-commerce platforms rising at the end of the year? Operations: Forced to resign and PUA


According to practitioners, there seem to be many similar operations in the cross-border industry. One operator claimed that their previous company's approach was similar to that of the company that fired the aforementioned operator,Firstly, I was forced to resign voluntarily due to my work attitude and poor performance. After I proposed legal means, the company stated that it was willing to pay a half month salary.


Towards the end of the year, various things are happening within the cross-border community, and the experiences of cross-border workers are also different


An operator claimed that their company does not issue year-end bonuses during the Chinese New Year,furthermoreSpring Festival holidayyesDeduction of salaryof. The total annual leave is 13 days, of which 7 days are legal holidays, and the remaining 6 days' salary is alsoTo be detainedAs a newcomer to the industry, I don't know if this situation is normal... "the operation said.


Resignations, layoffs, and similar incidents have occurred one after another in the industry, causing anxiety among many cross-border workers. The idea of job hopping has repeatedly emerged, inevitably raising the question of whether to switch careers in the coming year.


A business operator who is determined to switch careers next year sighs, "Although changing careers means starting from scratch and greatly reducing salaries, which can be harmful to their career, the company's system cannot last for a day." In the eyes of many cross-border migrant workers who have the idea of leaving or changing careers, difficult work and poor performance are not the key points in deciding to leave, What really leads to the idea of leaving is the company's system and certain leaders.


Whether it's migrant workers from all walks of life, nowadays when looking for a job, besides valuingSalary and benefits, company strength and potentialBesides, what is more important isIs the company treating employees humanely enough and able to protect their basic rights and interests. And these seem to be of utmost importance for cross-border workers


Deducting twice the base salary is considered a commission, and the operations department says it's "very frustrating"


Not afraid of heaven and earth, afraid of the company being a miracle, "is the heartfelt voice of many cross-border workers.


Recently, a cross-border e-commerce operator who has already resigned spoke about his pastFantastic ExperienceI once worked in a startup company with only three employees. Apart from the boss, I was also a part-time worker and myself. The boss's daily job was to instill soulful knowledge and reminders in us.


I went to the company at the end of July and according to the contract requirements, a commission would be issued when the performance meets the standards in August, but the commission was suppressed by the boss for two months. Finally, I waited until October, but the boss told me,The commission requires deducting twice my base salary to calculate profits, but the contract states that it is based on the store's profits.Why deduct twice my base salary for no reason The operation said.


Is the "layoff trend" in cross-border e-commerce logistics rising at the end of the year? Operations: Forced to resign and PUA


From the perspective of operation, its commission is based on the profit of the store, but the boss wants to reduce some of its commission, which is to deduct twice its base salary.


In addition, the operation also made a helpless statement, stating that basically every time they have to mention Chengdu, it feels like they are in a tough battle with the boss, and only after a long verbal battle can they receive the commission. Payroll deductions and delays have become commonplace, "the operation said.


Not only that, but there are also on-the-job operators who call HR "selling dog meat while hanging sheep's head". Before the interview, they said they were interviewing Amazon's boutique products, but after arriving, they realized that it was other platforms. Based on the model of all boutique products, the operator chose to join.


But after joining the company, I realized that I had been drawing big cakes for myself. During the interview, I said that I would let you be the team leader and give you a team management. However, after entering, I realized that these were all floating clouds


At first, the company did not require overtime, but later the boss said that in order to become a full-time employee, two things must be done: first, the length of overtime, which proves a good work attitude; Secondly, it is performance, and the company's purpose is to work longer than its ability.


In the face of this situation, the operation has even issued a“I have to run away and I don't want to be forced to work overtime”The words from the bottom of my heart.


On a website,Large quantitiesThe cross-border e-commerce migrant workers also held the "Selection of the worst employers of cross-border e-commerce companies in 2020-2021", which was full of various roast about some cross-border e-commerce companies.


The performance was not completed, and the company forced me to suffer, feeling that my personality had been insulted.

The working atmosphere is magical, and the supervisor is staring at me from all directions, including going to the bathroom.

Fines for playing with mobile phones, wearing headphones, not turning off the computer, not turning off the fan

HRSay, I'm not going to the interview, you're going to sue me.


From the current situation, many companies existRoast phenomenonThis is mainly due to the different positions and perspectives of employees and bosses,Caused byYesviewpointDifferent.


At this point,staffControlling the balance between both parties with the enterprise has become the key.


For enterprises, attention should be paid to reflection, especially when there is a large turnover of personnel and recruitment operations are difficult. It is even more important to reflect on whether the company has treated employees well and given them a sense of belonging, in order to achieve the goal of retaining talents.


For operations that need to find a job, it is not just about the superficial strength, qualifications, and scale of a company to judge. It is more important to focus on understanding the company's boss's three values, attitude towards employees, handling methods, and relevant requirements for employees, as well as the company's work atmosphere.


Just like no one is perfect, there is no perfect job in the world. Towards the end of the year,Currently in the stage of job searchJob seekersIt is more important to analyze rationally, avoid pitfalls with caution, adjust expectations and mindset, and not generalize everything in order to better integrate into society and stand firm in the workplace.

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