It is impossible to prevent fake wine! Empty bottles of high-end whisky are robbed


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

such asPappy Van WinklePippy Van WinkOld FitzgeraldFitzgerald Sr.)andMacallanMcAllenAnd other high-end brandsAlcoholBottle ineBaySingle bottle price on websites such asalreadythe height isUS $380.


Why are empty bottles so expensive? according toFilm ProducerHertz, one of the contributors to the 2021 documentary Inside StoryIndicates that the illegal person can check the blankAlcoholBottle for second timeFilling and further exceeding$2000Sold


according toThe Drinks Business reports that the resale of ginAlcoholbottlestayAmount paid at the time of purchaseon the basis ofstillcanGet up to31% profitimagebritainMermaid Handmade Gin Gin Gin and Gordon London Dry GinThe profit of the empty bottle of


exceptThrough the online marketIn addition to obtaining second-hand empty wine bottles through bars and other channelsThe counterfeiter alsoinvestmentHasA series of equipment, including sealing machine, bottling machine, laser printerFood dye, Gift BoxLabels and capsetc.


Food dyes are used to change and add to bottlesCounterfeit liquorColor of,The counterfeiter will still be packingOn the boxPrinted with false or genuinecode. Many distilleries use ordinary shrink film seals for packagingThe wine bottleThis is alsoFalsifyworkRelatively simple.


In fact, as early asIn 2019, Sazerac(SaizerekCocktail)Chief Executive OfficerMark BrownOnceaccuseeBayAnd other platformsIt's fake wineSaleProvides an opportunity toIt is inU.S.AThe beverage products in the market facemethanolFalsificationetc.Question.


eBaY said that the platformOnly allowedMerchants with pre approval and sales license sell drinks. And the website has corresponding"Counterfeit claims" policy. If consumers buy counterfeit and shoddy products, they can ask the seller for a refund and obtaindoublecompensate for


But,Only relevant policies are issuedFor counterfeitersStrikes and restraintsyesFar awayNot enoughCounterfeiterhavevariedbypassSystem supervisionofMeans,Because there is no way toThorough sanctions, for realFor wine lovers, they still face great risks when purchasing related products

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