Burst! A cross-border e-commerce platform seller was permanently closed


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Just stepped intwo thousand and twenty-twoIn, a blockbuster news broke out in the cross-border circle, the main character of which was the big sale of independent stations that had been constantly rumored in the past six monthsGearbest。 At the same time, the suppliers of Eason Global are still on the way to recover the payment for goodsfiveThe big guy threatened to take the ten thousand paymenttwo hundredThe story of a bankrupt family also surfaced


GearbestThe platform seller's shop is permanently frozen


A Gearbest platform seller said that he had received an email from the platform a few days ago, which showed:


We regret to tell you that your shop has been frozen. To ensure that your shop can return to normal operation as soon as possible, please contact our official email to apply for unsealing. After the seller's shop is frozen, the goods in the shop will be taken off the shelves and withdrawal is not allowed


We can learn from the email that,The freezing reason given by the platform is abnormal operation, and the freezing time column is displayed as "permanent freezing".


According to the seller, from January 10, 2022, the number of Gearbest platform sellers receiving this email is not small, and most of them are high-quality sellers.


The news spread quickly in the cross-border circle,orderA group of sellers panicked. Unexplainingly, a warning email was received suddenly, and many platform sellers said that they could not understand and could not believe it.According to platform sellers, on December 31, 2021, many platform sellers also received an email from Gearbest platform informing platform sellers to apply for category renewal before January 6, 2022,It takes only a few days, and the changes are unacceptable to platform sellers.


GearbestplatformsellerWhy on earthSufferThe reason for closing the store has not been known, but it can be known that the sellers who suffered losses due to the sudden closure of the platform are not unique, and many sellers are worried about the "complaints" mentioned in the email.


Since the news of "the debt crisis broke out and the company faced bankruptcy risk", various kinds of news have been reported from its brands.Last September, the Gearbest platform attracted the attention of practitioners because the website could not be opened. Some sellers asked whether the Gearbest platform was cold.


At that time, Xiaobian tried to log in to Gearbest through different domestic and foreign browsers, but failed. After downloading Gearbest in the APP Store and opening it, he found that all the pagesnotShow anything.A seller disclosed that Gearbest had been unable to raise money before this, which made a large number of suppliers frightened.


But just one month later, when many sellers and suppliers were still worried, some sellers were surprised to find that Gearbest's website and app seemed to be back online.


Sea break! A cross-border e-commerce platform seller was permanently closed


As of this Friday, when I searched and opened the Gearbest website, I found that it could be opened normally; After downloading Gearbest through the APP Store and opening it, the page will also display normally.


This time, the Gearbest platform announced that the seller's shop had been permanently frozen. Whether the funds could be recovered is unknown. How this event will develop in the future is also unknown, but according to the current situation, it will be a huge blow for suppliers


In fact, it is not the first time that the news that the suppliers of Global eBook could not recover the payment for goods has been spread.As early as last year, the debt crisis broke out on Global Easy Buy. Some insiders said that more than 3000 suppliers were in arrears with payment for goods, which exceeded more than 700 million yuan.


Due to the delay in collecting the overdue payment, many suppliers in the industry are still on the way to recover the payment


The supplier demanded 50000 yuan for goods, and the big guy threatened to take 2 million yuan to sue the bankrupt?


A supplier disclosed to Yeon.com,I was going toGlobal E-shopWhen you recover your 50000 yuan loan,Global E-shopA civil action was initiated against Supplier A on the grounds of "reputation dispute".


Abrupt cross-border sailing! A cross-border e-commerce platform seller was permanently closed


From the content of the pleadings,plaintiffGlobal E-shopDefendant supplier A is responsible for“Global E-shopThe group "Collection Group 616 Site" released information defaming the plaintiff and incited other members to disturb the normal order of the plaintiff's office, and"Just like our boss wanted to press us for commissions, a colleague pretended to jump off a building, and a colleague shouted," The boss, who will jump off a building? "," The most arrogant and rich man is sternly refusing to come and make trouble, "suppliers who collect 50000 yuan in debt", etcInflammatory and insulting wordsTo file a lawsuit.


The plaintiff stated in the pleading thatGlobal E-shopAs one of the largest cross-border B2C e-commerce companies in China, the defendant supplier A's comments seriously damaged its social reputation, leading to the plaintiff's failure in negotiations on multiple investment/financing projects, causing serious economic losses,Up to RMB 2 million only.


Based on the above behaviors of the defendant, the plaintiffGlobal E-shopThe defendant supplier A is required to apologize for its violation of the plaintiff's reputation right, and bear the compensation liability for the losses caused by the plaintiff, with the compensation amount of 2 million yuan only.


But according to the video sent by the debt collection supplierit seems thatand be not so.


Go to the supplierGlobal E-shopWhen asking for payment for goods, the two parties appeared at the negotiation table:Global E-shopThe boss said, "I owe you 50000 yuan and I'm so excited, wasting so many of our time" and "You remember him, everyone accuses him once. How much time it takes, do you think I'll tell you?".


Global E-shopThe boss has issued a legal order to his company“In the legal department, you should remember him and take a picture of him. There is no money of 50000 yuan. You should countercharge him. I will take 2 million yuan to bring him down”Command.


So there was the scene we said at the beginning,Global E-shopThe plaintiff filed a lawsuit against supplier A, but the result was unexpected:Global E-shopWithout paying the legal fees, the court directly followed the summary procedure and made a judgmentGlobal E-shopLose the lawsuit.


Since ancient times, it is natural to pay debts. But the person in charge of the listed company said insulting and threatening words to the suppliers who collected the debts


aboutGlobal E-shopMany suppliers expressed their own views on the issue of debt to suppliers.


Global E-shopIt belongs to contract fraud, and it violates the socialist values of honesty and integrity by failing to pay debts for two years;

Repeated debt to equity swaps have damaged Shenzhen's business environment;

It is still inviting investment in the society, and more suppliers may enter the market, suspected of Ponzi fraud;

The listed companies and their actual controllers have no sense of social responsibility, are not benevolent to the rich, bully small suppliers and are suspected of financial fraud;

Transfer assets at will, evade debts, and publicize immoral practices;

Deluxe office space and professional security team, misappropriate the supplier's payment to do a face saving sub project


More Than This,aboutEarlierGlobal E-shopMake the independent station independentThis actionhaveindustry insidersIt means: "Yes NoPrepare for dishonorHow to pay for the supplier's payment and third-party seller's platform payment, which are independent of the only high-quality asset, up to several hundred million yuan?


Under the multiple factors such as limited platform development and suppliers' payment arrears, many insiders are also paying attention to: what will the future development situation of Big Brother be?

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