Shopping on third-party platforms has become a habit, and 63% of French consumers think it is the most convenient


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

E-commerce has been growing rapidly in France in recent years, especially under the catalysis of the epidemic, and is increasingly popular with French consumers.


Compared with traditional e-commerce, third-party sellers like AmazonCdiscount、FNAC-DartySuch an online sales platform has witnessed more significant growth, twice that of traditional e-commerce.


according tosoftware publishers MiraklofAccording to the survey, the use of online sales platforms by French consumers is no longer fashionable, but has been rooted in their consumption habits.


According to the survey, there are35% of French consumers purchase online through third-party sales platforms. And because of the epidemic, the number of users has increased a lot in the past year. Among the 10 Internet users, 9 intend to keep the habit of shopping on third-party platforms. 35% of the respondents said that in 2019, they will "only" or "frequently" conduct online shopping on third-party platforms, which will increase to 43% in 2020.


Shopping on the third-party platform of cross-border e-commerce logistics has become a habit, and 63% of French consumers think it is the most convenient


For the main reasons why third-party sales platforms are popular,63% of French people think it is the most convenient online shopping method, and 64% are more willing to use e-commerce websites with third-party sellers.


On the other hand, attractive prices, efficient delivery speed and more general product categories are all reasons to attract French consumers to sell and shop on vouchers in third parties.57% of respondents said that if the delivery speed is fast, they are more likely to buy the same products from third-party sellers, soAmazon PrimeofFast deliveryThey were very satisfied with the service.


However, there are still some risks in shopping on the third-party platform, so the French will also maintain"Alert".61% of the people will watch the evaluation of the store or commodities before buying, and then decide whether to buy here.And,57% of French consumers said they would like to spend time researching high-quality products.


thus it can be seen,FranceConsumers pay attention to the diversity of markets and platforms and the quality of services. They rely on online shopping, but they also know how to prevent the risks of online shopping. Therefore, third-party sellers have great development opportunities in France. At the same time, they should also pay attention to improving the quality of products and services, and try to maintain the favorable comments of goods and stores. In order to improve the consumer's goodwill, and also improve the repurchase rate.

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