Fearless of Omicron, the American footwear and accessories market will continue to rebound in 2022


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Recently, the investigation organizationNPD analyst Beth Goldstein said,The US footwear and accessories market has grown fromThe low point rebound in 2020 is expected to continue to grow in 2022, but there may be some headwinds (such as Omikjon) in this process, causing sellers to occasionally take a step back.


She also said that not all categories of products will always be on the same track of recovery, and sellers should always keep an eye on the latest consumption of buyers.


Home life affects the shopping trend.NPDLast yearOctoberSurveys conducted show thatOne third of Americans want to work in the company (Monday to three days a week), while40% do not plan to return to the workplace or have not yet determined. Beth Goldstein said,This mixed trend, coupled with record unemploymentEspecially women),It shows that American workplace fashion has changed.


As American employees give priority to comfort, even if they work face to face, their requirements for priority become casual.NPDAnother recent survey showed that,exceed50%intervieweeWear casual shoes when going out to work, but only20% will wearMore formal shoesThe concepts of "comfort" and "leisure" will continue to drive sales, even though the formal style will slowly improve from the low point in 2020.


In addition, the change of going out also affects people's shopping habits.In 2020, as many office workers stay at home and social activities and travel are suspended, the sales of some fashionable shoes and accessories will suddenly decline, while the sales of slippers and outdoor products will increase.


Although as consumers recover somego outActivities,Fashion shoes in 2021classThe sales of handbags and bags have improved, but still lower than2019epidemic situationFront horizontal. In short, if these industries want to continue to recover, they need consumersReturn to these activities.


However, with the advent of Omikron, consumers were restricted from going out. For all that,Beth Goldstein said that if outings return in the next days of 2022, the demand for footwear and accessories will be reopened. However, it should be noted that, just like returning to the workplace, the categories of benefits are likely to be different from those in the past. According to the NPD survey, outdoor activities such as walking and hiking willMaintain a strong momentum in 2022.


Another point is that sellers can pay attention to"Sustainable" trend. This year has just passed two weeks,TimberlandandMajor fashion brands such as Steve Madden have announced new sustainable development initiatives. This is not just about using sustainable materials, but developing sustainable models.

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