An account with an annual sales of 160 million suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs orders again


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Amazon's illegal rectification is still ongoing, and a group of accounts are quietly hanging up.


Recently, Amazon sellers involved in illegal activities such as brushing orders and buying and selling accounts have paid a painful price. Caught for brushing orders, with sellers selling annually160 million accounts have been closed; Due to comments violating regulations, multiple sellers have received warning emails from Amazon; Due to account review issues, the seller woke up early in the morning and discovered that there were more than ten accounts suspended


stayAmazon Control UpgradeIn the context of,Many sellersOrders and profitsShuangshuangDeclineIn order to recover traffic, some peers are trying to start with off-site promotion,But doingBut not a single order came out outside the stationAnd was also pitted by unscrupulous service providers.


Number blocking and order declineAmazon sellers face different challenges. Towards the end of the year, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Shenzhen caused some cross-border companies to start working from home; What is even more worrying is that an employee of a local logistics company has been diagnosed,50% of flights cancelledShenzhen sellers face difficulties in shipping at the end of the year.


Amazon grabs orders again,Multiple sellers received warnings


Amazon's crackdown on comment violations seems to have been ongoing, sinceSince the end of April 2021, multiple sellers in the industry have been banned from their accounts due to comments that violate regulations, including top sellers with annual sales exceeding 100 million and ranking high in categories. Nowadays, almost all of these accounts cannot be unblocked, and the funds of the seller's store are frozen.


Seeing peers suffer heavy losses due to comments violating regulations, sellers in the industry have stopped their illegal operations. Many sellers have notified service providers to stop scanning orders, receiving positive reviews, and liking their homepage. There are also some brave sellers who continue to commit crimes in the face of the wind, but they will soon be caught by the platform. Recently, Amazon has caught another wave of sellers involved in comment violations. According to its usual style of settling accounts after the fall, not all of the sellers who have recently violated the rules have been recruited.


Recently, another group of sellers were caught by Amazon for brushing orders. Among the caught sellers, some of their accounts were directly banned, and Amazon's account ban is still ongoing.


The account with an annual sales volume of 160 million yuan on Haiwai Information suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs to swipe orders again


In the team whose account was closed due to brushing orders, a seller suffered significant lossesThe account with a sales revenue of approximately 160 million in 2021 has been suspended, and we are urgently looking for a solution.


Compared to directly hanging accounts, another group of sellers who were caught brushing orders received warning emails from Amazon, and the number of sellers who received emails in recent days has gradually increased.


The account with an annual sales of 160 million yuan on e-commerce platforms suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs orders again


The email sent by Amazon to the seller mentioned that we have detected that you have violated Amazon policies, and if this issue is not resolved, it may result in the account being suspended. Violations of policies include influencing buyer ratings, feedback, and comments; Manipulating sales rankings; Artificial increaseWeb traffic.


A seller who received a warning email introduced that they had not commented on any violations recently. After careful consideration, they gave several products direct reviews about a year and a half ago. As a result, we managedFor the first time in 4 years, a highly anticipated account received a brushing warning from Amazon. At present, there is still a lot of goods in the account, and the seller is unsure if they want to continue shipping.


Another seller who received a warning email did an off-site clearance, and according to their judgment, it should have violated Amazon's mentioned artificial increasePolicies for web traffic.


Also, based on their own situation, the winning bidder speculates that they have violated the relevant regulations on operational ranking. According to its analysis, off-site paid discount codes, no negative reviews on the homepage, click on likes and buy, andQA and other ranking manipulation behaviors are considered, and sellers must be cautious in their operations to avoid being caught by the platform.


According to relevant feedback, almost all sellers who have received warning emails recently have engaged in violations. An American website seller asked foreign friends to help with a few orders and put them onQA, as a result, an old account that has been in operation for 3 years also received a warning email.


However, among sellers who received warnings, there were also those who directly called out for grievances. One of the sellers stated that the company usually does not handle orders, does not do off-site operations, and operates with pure white hats,two thousand and twenty-oneyearelevenReceived the first warning in the month,nogoMind it, the account status has always been good,two thousand and twenty-twoyearIn JanuaryReceived the second warning letter for manipulating comments and called the support team,Informed of AmazonThe performance team detected at the beginning of the monthoneselfThere is an issue with the buyer's account for some orders,Make itGo investigate if the hot selling links have been diverted. Nowadays, sellers are confused about the investigation and don't know what to do next.


A seller who feels innocent is not an exception. Another seller mentioned that an account that never swipes orders, receives a warning letter from Amazon, and they do not know where the violation occurred, nor do they know how to appeal.


Nowadays, sellers who have received warnings are starting to be anxious. After experiencing the Amazon account suspension wave, sellers are suddenly nervous about the order brushing warning. A seller bluntly stated,Previously, I received such warnings and felt like nothing was wrong. Now, when I receive the order brushing warning, I feel panicked.


According to Amazon's email, if the seller does not appeal, the account may be closed. So, some of the winning sellers are preparing to appeal, and some peers have provided relevant experience. Since Amazon has detected it, there may be violations. You can carefully check your products to see if there are any violations and determine which regulations have been violated. Because there have been many sellers receiving warnings recently, you can wait and see before determining a solution.


When rectifying comments that violate regulations, other compliance rectification measures on the Amazon platform are also being carried out simultaneously, with some seller accounts being directly banned.


Amazonsecond instanceScan the number?A seller has hung up more than ten accounts


During the second review of Amazon's account scanning process, many seller accounts have been scanned in recent days, and some of the scanned accounts have been directly blocked by the platform, and it seems that some accounts are no longer likely to be salvaged.


A seller introduced,Get up early in the morningfindI hung up more than ten accounts, and my mentality collapsed,These accountsYesCurrently unavailableSales, yesbeCurrently on saleAll accounts that have been suspended have received the same violation email.


The account with an annual sales volume of 160 million yuan on Haiwai Information suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs to swipe orders again


The seller received an email stating that your Amazon account has been deactivated and the list has been deleted. We have discovered that you engage in fraudulent, deceptive, and illegal activities, or misuse our systems, repeatedly violating our policies to protect customers and sales partners. We may withhold some or all funds from your account.


The seller claimed that the dozen or so accounts he hung up were all purchased and recently registered. At the time of the appeal, they provided broadband bills and business licenses, and found a service provider to issue broadband bill invoices, but they still hung up.


Coincidentally, the account purchased by another seller also encountered the same review, but was ruthlessly banned by the platform.


Informed sellers speak up,I have encountered it several times recentlyThis situation,The account has been suspended, all of which have been suspendedAll new storesMost of them areRegistered from October to December, storeNo performance, no orders issued.


According to the seller's experience, these winning sellers have encountered Amazon's second review, and recently Amazon robots are scanning their accounts. If these winning accounts are all registered with personal information and there is no problem with their authenticity, the seller only needs to provide material certification as required, and they should be able to resume normal operations in the future.If the account was purchased,It may be a bit troublesome because the account purchased is likely registered with false informationIf the service provider is unable to provide information,These accounts are equivalent to being sentenced to death and have little chance of being rescued.


In fact, Amazon account scanning has been ongoing, with a wave of sellers being targeted last month. One of the companiesMore than 20 accounts have suddenly been suspended, all of which are from Amazon America and are newly registered. There have been no violations during the operation process. Previously, the account had passed address verification, but video verification was not triggered. The account was compliant in promoting and advertising, without any illegal operations, and the business license was completely normal. It was also declared every quarter.


It is worth noting that before the account was banned, there was no warning from the platform. When the account was banned, an email was received from Amazon,The content of the email is exactly the same as the email received by the sellers of the bidding company recently.


From last month until recently, in order to crack down on illegal activities, Amazon has been conducting account scanning activities and targeting the new account with the gun. Without any illegal operations, the new account is being further scrutinized. If it is reviewed, the purchased account is likely to be permanently suspended.


Previously, there were cases where purchased accounts could not pass platform review, but some service providers were still illegally registering accounts for sales, and sellers in the industry were still purchasing accounts. As a seller, using these purchased accounts is equivalent to planting a bomb on oneself, and the ultimate consequences can only be borne by oneself.


With the upgrading of Amazon's control, the difficulty of buying and selling accounts, swiping orders, and other operations has doubled, and sellers need to operate within Amazon's rules. So how can we gain more potential customers and increase sales? Some sellers have placed their hopes for promotion outside the site, but compared to within the site, there is greater uncertainty outside the site, and one seller has accidentally stepped on a pitfall recently.


flower390 does not issue a single promotion for celebrities, only a refund of 30 yuan


On December 20th, a stranger doing off site promotion added Andy's WeChat account. Due to the need to do off site promotion, Andy started chatting with the visitor.


The other party's quotation:FB regular group/298 (with over 600000 fans), high-quality celebrity/398 (with 900000 fans), and big celebrity/568 (with 1.3 million fans), with a discount of 10 yuan for two or more, and a warranty of 30 yuan. Andy felt okay after listening and took out a product to ask if it could be promoted. The other party replied that it was okay and asked for WeChat payment. Andy transferred 298 yuan and informed the promotion personnel that it is now time to see how the results are. There are still many products that need to be done next. The other party promised, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to help you push it well


The account with an annual sales volume of 160 million yuan on the sea suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs orders again


Unfortunately, this promotion only resulted in7 orders. The other party suggests that even if the effect of a replacement is still the same, it's better to switch to a better celebrity. "There is a celebrity who has been doing well recently, do you want to try our celebrity? We have a lot of fans and strong purchasing power


Andy was a bit conflicted and decided to cut the price after some thought: "Give me a discount, for the sake of my poor performance in the first time." The other party reluctantly agreed, "Okay, 390 for you." Andy emphasized to the other party that the effect was good this time, otherwise they wouldn't be able to pay the difference. The other party still said, "Don't worry, I'll try my best to push it well


But this promotion is directly suspended0, not a single order. The promotion party said that they can help to add promotion by changing the product. After some communication, Andy decided to refund the money, and the other party said, "There is no way to refund the money. The money has been arranged by the celebrity side, and I will continue to help you push." Faced with the customer's attitude of "wanting results," the promoter said that if a product has a good audience, it is natural to place an order.


Andy became angry, and ultimately the promotion party stated that they would still refund Andy the replacement money. Upon receiving the red envelope, Andy was speechless. Finally, the kind-hearted scammer even refunded me 30 yuan. After much thought, what can I do with 30 yuan? I can send 1KG of goods to Meisen, and if it's a slow ship, I can pay for the shipping cost of 2KG of goods


Andy's experience has made many sellers laugh and cry. Sellers analyze that Andy should not promote without asking for links, and similar tactics are also common. I used to work outside a service provider's website, and the pricing for the package was the same as yours. The first time I sent 0 orders, the second time I sent 1 order, and then I said that the traffic would be better on the weekend. Let me change the product and help me resend it. Fortunately, it was 0 orders again, and I wasted about ten days both before and after. I sent it three times, and it seemed like the service was thoughtful, but in fact, it was not very useful


In fact, compared to the stability of on-site promotion, many sellers believe that the effect outside the site is average. If promotion is needed, the seller can contact the appropriate one themselvesFB group leader, cost controllable, and can also achieve targeted goals.


Now that the year is coming to an end, sellers are busy reviewing, making plans for the coming year, and stocking up. A seller sighed that the calculation was completedThe profit in 2021 was a bit disappointing. After a busy year, I made wedding clothes for logistics and charity for customers. By the end of the year, the epidemic has emerged in many places in China. In Shenzhen, a cross-border e-commerce highland, the COVID-19 is affecting local sellers.


Cumulative Report on Shenzhen's Current Epidemic14 cases, seller shipments under pressure


According to yesterday's report, Shenzhen has added1 asymptomatic COVID-19 infection; As of 17:00 on the 13th, a total of 14 cases have been reported in this round of the epidemic, including 12 confirmed cases and 2 asymptomatic carriers. With the development of the epidemic, some areas have been designated as lockdown or control zones, and feedback from cross-border sellers about staying at home continues to increase:


I know someone who works at the Shenzhou Computer Building and is quarantined at home

My Buji client has been quarantined at home

Is there three close contacts or secondary close contacts in the residential area, isolated at home

The company is surrounded by viruses, and we have been working from home since today


At present, communities such as Gangtou have completed the fifth round of nucleic acid testing, and some areas require continuous testing7 days for testing. There is a property management notice: "Bantian Street has been established as an epidemic prevention area. From January 12th to 18th, all staff will undergo a daily check-up. Without a negative nucleic acid test certificate on that day, they are not allowed to enter


On January 11th, it was reported that a 10 mixed 1 sample from DHL Freight Company at Shenzhen Airport was tested positive for nucleic acid by a third-party testing agency. Among them, 9 are truck drivers and 1 is the outbound cargo operator; Among them, 8 people live in Bao'an District, 1 person lives in Luohu, and 1 person lives in Foshan.


The next day, Shenzhen announcedNew confirmed cases of COVID-19 were found on November 11, one of which was an employee of a logistics company in Bao'an District:


"Case 11: male, 42 years old, an employee of a logistics company in Bao'an District, living in Building 58, Hewei Village, Caopuxi Community, Qingshuihe Street, Luohu District, was diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID-19 (ordinary type)."


The seller has various opinions, and it is speculated that they are personnel of logistics companies in the industry. According to the latest news, according to the needs of epidemic prevention and controlStarting from 21:00 on January 13th, two areas, including Building 58, Hewei Village, Qingshuihe Street, and Building 64, Hewei Village, Qingshuihe Street, Luohu District, Shenzhen, were adjusted to medium risk areas.


In addition to directly affecting the daily work of sellers, the epidemic has also affected local logistics and transportation, and it is currently the peak period for stocking before the Spring Festival.


Yantian Port Area is the main channel for foreign trade in South ChinaIn the 2021 "May 21" epidemic, multiple cases in Shenzhen were related to international cargo ship operations in the Yantian Port area, resulting in a serious decline in port capacity, a large backlog of heavy containers, major shipping companies jumping from ports, rising freight costs, and a sharp increase in pressure on surrounding ports, which have had a huge impact on global shipping and supply chain operations. It was not until June 24th that all berths at Yantian International Container Terminal, including the West Port operating area, resumed basic normal operation.


On January 7, after Shenzhen reported the current round of COVID-19, some sellers prayed: "Yantian Port must hold on anyway!" Yantian Port responded quickly and released it on the same dayEpidemic prevention measures for external towing drivers entering the dock for operation,Require drivers to cooperate with a series of epidemic prevention measures, such as not getting off the vehicle unless it is necessary to unlock the box, handle necessary handover procedures, and in emergency situations; Cooperate with temperature measurement and health code verification; Reduce the handover of paper documents and non entry without reservation.


On January 11th, Shekou Container Terminal also issued a notice on the arrangement of export heavy container entry, stating that based on the current stage, SCT, CCT, and MCT will receive ETA-3 days (within 3 days before the expected arrival date of the ship) of export heavy container entry starting from 0:00 on January 14th, 2022 (today). For example, if the ETA time is from 00:00 on January 17, 2022, the start of container collection will be from 00:00 on January 14, 2022. At the same time, drivers are required to cooperate with the inspection of their health code and travel code when entering the dock for work, maintain a safe social distance of 1.5 meters, and do not get off unless necessary.


Major ports have gradually taken epidemic prevention measures, which may bring some pressure to the shipment tide before the Spring Festival.


Not only ports but also airport flights are affected to some extent. According to Feichangzhuan data, as ofAt 22:30 on the evening of January 13th, flights to Shenzhen Bao'an Airport have been extensively cancelled. Among the cancelled flights, 455 were scheduled to be cancelled early due to reasons such as the airline, and 51 were temporarily cancelled due to weather conditions.


The account with an annual sales of 160 million yuan for cross-border e-commerce logistics suddenly hangs up, and Amazon grabs orders again


In the transportation chain of cross-border exports, the epidemic has spread widely at the terminal, such as in Europe and America, with a serious shortage of local port workers, low processing efficiency, and a serious backlog of goods. The waiting time for ships to queue up and wait for unloading is constantly changing; The domestic epidemic has occurred from time to time, and Shenzhen Yantian Port, Ningbo Beilun Port, and other ports have been affected.


The uncertainty of sellers' shipments has significantly increased, and even during transit, goods may suffer from unforeseeable disasters, especially in the past year when maritime accidents have been more frequent.


A week ago, the Japanese shipping companyOne of ONE's ships, the "Madrid Bridge," with a capacity of up to 13900 TEU, is suspected to have encountered severe weather on its way to the US East. A severe container collapse accident occurred on board, resulting in the loss of at least 30 containers. The ship's schedule is also expected to be delayed. The ship has previously docked at two major ports in China, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Yantian, with a large amount of Chinese cargo on board. Accidents such as container crashes and ship fires have been occurring frequently in the past year or two, and the safety of shipping sellers is decreasing.


Throughout the past year, cross-border sellers have experienced continuous platform consolidation, intensified peer competition, high logistics costs, and declining profits. The flood of the epidemic has also magnified the uncertainty of cross-border e-commerce in various ways. For most sellers, adapting to the environment, upgrading operational strategies, and stabilizing their feet in the face of significant changes in the overall environment has become a compulsory course.

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