Using platform vulnerabilities, sellers defrauded Amazon of nearly 5 million yuan!


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

For cross-border sellers, refund of returns is probably one of the most troublesome things. After all, they have to bear a series of losses. However, some people use the refund rules of the platform to pull wool, and even embark on the road of crime. Recently, Xiamen Siming Court heard such a case.


It is understood that a man (Mr. Zhou) found a loophole in the refund rules of Amazon Australia Station, and then partnered with others to defraud the refund paid by the platform.


According to the survey, Zhou registered the seller's account and the buyer's account respectively at Amazon Australia, and another colleague Liao Mouting provided the buyer's credit card. Liao also found four other associates to negotiate and provide Zhou with a credit card.


The specific criminal procedure is as follows: Mr. Zhou uploaded low price goods in Amazon Australia through the seller's account, and then purchased a large number of these goods through the buyer's account under his control.


After placing an order successfully, Zhou uploaded the forged express bill number to the platform, resulting in a record of successful transactions. Then, Mr. Zhou asked for the goods to be returned through the buyer's account for reasons such as quality problems, and applied for the highest price for each itemA refund amount of AUD 1000 to defraud the refund paid by the platform.


Meanwhile, Zhou also"Smart" reported the loss of the credit card bound to the seller's account, making the platform unable to recover the refunds advanced from the seller's account. After investigation, in more than a year since 2019, this criminal gang has used this method to cheat Amazon Australia station out of refunds of about 4.95 million yuan!


I have to say that this method of using platform vulnerabilities to cheat for refunds is true"Smart", the seller's hard work is not as good as "drilling holes" to make money quickly. However, no matter how cunning the criminal tactics are, they cannot escape the punishment of the law. At present, the criminal gang has been tried by the court, and the case is still under trial.


Over the years, we have seen many cases of buyers and sellers at home and abroad taking advantage of the loopholes in the platform to make profits, but without exception, these people have been subject to legal sanctions. Yi'enjun also reminds the majority of sellers that they must operate legally and not be blinded by temporary interests.

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