The United States is under the dual pressure of snowstorm and epidemic, and the seller's package may be delayed


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Recently, the United States was hit by a winter storm, so nearly all flights were cancelled3000, in addition to the impact on people's travel, freight transport is also under pressure. The local government also warned that,Due to the multiple impacts of winter snowstorms, epidemics and holidays, the transportation disruption in the United States may continue. Sellers should be prepared for delays.


In this regard,FedExreleaseWarning, due to infection among employeescaseAnd winter storms affecting parts of the West Coast, resulting in a shortage of personnelResulting inincur loss through delay.Winter storms will only make this week's airlines worse.


Winter storms affect many freight routes.As part of its new service standards,USPS relies more on trucks than commercial aircraft to transport mail, which may be a factor in slowing down the main truck transport routes due to weather.


In addition,useUSPS onlineSellers also face the problem of holidays. localJanuary 17thofMonday is a federal holiday to commemorate the birth of Martin Luther King JrPostal ServicePause. Due to the one-day holiday, there will be a large backlog of goods on Tuesday,This may lead to late delivery and pickup times.


Many places in Europe and the United States are already facing a shortage of workers. The repeated outbreaks have made this situation even more tense, undoubtedly increasing the pressure on the supply chain. According to the Pacific Maritime Association,About800 dockworkers were quarantined,The number of absenteeism accounts for about one tenth of the daily labor force, further exacerbating the port crisis.


When CEO of UPS was interviewed by CNBCalsoMeans that becauseOmikjonvariant,Many workers have to ask for leave,The airline is also addressing staffing challengesHowever, she also said that,UPS has retained some seasonal employees from the holiday transportation peak season to manage this situation.


At the same time, the seller may also encounter some accidents, and the theft of packages is not uncommon. For example, recently, express trains were looted in the United States, and a large number of Amazon packages were stolen.


The seller should also be prepared for delays and pay attention to the latest logistics trends.

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