Amazon launches one-time pickup password to ensure delivery security


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

The security of express package delivery has always been a concern of consumers in online shopping. In addition, some time ago, express packages were lost frequently, which made many people more worried about the safety and security during express delivery. Especially for some high value commodities, consumers have deeper concerns.


In response to this problem, Amazon Italy recently introduced a new security measure.When the order is delivered, Amazon will send the email address associated with the consumer account, orA six digit numeric password is displayed in Track My Package.This password is one-time and only represents this order. It is valid until the delivery date.


If the express is delivered, the courier and the consignee need to check the six digit password to verify the delivery. Consumers can also share this password with trusted people in case they cannot receive the package. If the package is not signed, the courier will try to deliver it again on the next working day.


With regard to this security measure, Amazon said that in view of the value of some orders, it is necessary for the platform to provide one-time passwords for use during delivery to ensure higher security.


Amazon does not have a specific threshold for the use of this measure. Some consumers have done some tests, such as purchasing Samsung mobile phones or similar products, to enjoy this service.In short, Amazon is trying to make the delivery of some particularly expensive products more secure.


In addition, during the epidemic, the interpersonal contact between customers and couriers was reduced, and the number of theft cases increased. The increase of this security measure is undoubtedly a wise decision.


Some consumers agreed with this new measure,


——The password can effectively guarantee the safe delivery of my package. The courier cannot say "I left the package to my neighbor" because the neighbor does not know the password.

——This is very suitable for those who buy expensive goods


Some consumers also raised their doubts about this measure,


——It's no use to me... because I often leave my package at the door of my apartment. Because I have to go to work, I can't answer the phone

——If the courier is still outside my door, it is useless to have a password.


This measure is just in the state of being launched, and there are still many aspects to be improved. However, the implementation of the measures is guaranteed for both the buyer and the seller. While consumers can buy with more confidence, they can also reduce the seller's losses due to the loss of goods.

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