The winter storm reappears in the United States, and back-end distribution will continue to be affected


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

According to foreign media reports, the ice and snow weather in southern Georgia has put most areas in the southeast of the United States in a state of emergency preparedness, and most shoppers have begun to search the store shelves for storm supplies, including sledges, salt, shovel and timber.


It is understood that a snowstorm in Virginia earlier this month stranded thousands of drivers on a blocked highway, while in North Carolina, some stores were also snapped up with bread, milk and other necessities on their shelves.


In addition to storing necessities offline, consumers are also likely to delay delivery of their online orders. According to foreign media reports, the parcel distribution of the three major American express companies will be affected to varying degrees. Weather forecasters said that large parts of the United States will have a low point in the 1920s, and any precipitation may freeze, even if there is no danger, it may also make driving difficult.


It is reported that the winter storm warning extends from the north of Atlanta Metropolitan to Arkansas in the west and northern New York in the north, covering some areas of at least 14 states, including Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia. According to an advisory report released by the National Weather Service on Saturday, Atlanta is expected to have ice mixed with snow up to 2 inches (5 centimeters) thick, and the wind speed will be extremely high.


At present, the staff has begun to deal with the snow on some main roads and highways. In addition to snow and ice deposits, state officials said drivers should be careful because storms can also cause trees or power lines to collapse. meanwhile,The state highway agency warned that the labor shortage means that workers may not be able to respond to problem areas as quickly as usual.


After entering the southeast over the weekend, the storm is expected to enter the northeast, and snow, sleet and rain will fall around the densely populated east coast. Relevant government agencies in the United States said that people need to minimize travel to avoid unnecessary risks. For the e-commerce industry, the extension of home time is also conducive to the growth of online sales.

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