"Smart home" is very popular in the Russian market!


Source: ennews

The continuous development of science and technology has promoted more products to become intelligent, and has also facilitated people's lives. More and more consumers are keen to buy smart home products. This upsurge not only appears in China, but also in Russia.


In the near future,Ozon released the sales data of the "smart home" category in 2021. The data shows that the sales of smart home products in 2021 will increase nearly three times, with a year-on-year increase of 470% compared with 2020.


Among many smart home products, the most popular ones are smart sockets and smart control devices, including programmable switches, smart lights, smart universal remote controls and unlimitedWi-Fi。


According to the data, compared with last year, only the sales of equipment can be controlledIt will increase by more than six times in 2021. It is understood that the average selling price of smart lights is 1600 rubles, and the average selling price of smart sockets is about 1300 rubles.


It seems that smart products areIn 2021, it will be very popular with Russian consumers. In addition, among other smart home products, temperature and humidity sensors and wireless controlled radiator thermostats are also the favorite smart home products of Russians. Moreover, the sales of this category will more than double in 2021, with an average price of about 5000 rubles.


The largest consumer electronics retailer in RussiaM. On Video Eldorado, the sales volume of smart home has increased by 7 times, and the sales volume has increased by about 5 times.


M. Video Eldorado estimates that the market size of smart home gadgets in Russia may reach 5-6 billion rubles in 2023, and the hot products to reach this market share are blenders or hair dryers.


Smart home devices include controlled sockets, lamps, sensors, intelligent devices for controlling curtains, air conditioners and televisions, and video surveillance cameras. Russia's demand for the above equipment doubles every two to three years,In the first half of 2021, the market size of this segment has increased by 30%, reaching about 1.5 billion rubles.

Smart products still have a large market space in the world. Relevant sellers can pay more attention to the hot trend of the target market and catch up with the hot selling wave!

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