Will Amazon surpass Google and become the preferred search platform for consumers?


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

SPJIMR Management Research InstituteThe research on "where do they search for products" for global consumers released in 2021 shows that 38% of consumers regard Amazon as their preferred searchplatformGoogle to40%Weak advantage of data acquisition


Why can Amazon become the preferred search platform for many consumers?SPJIMR believes that,In the messagebig bangThe era of,Consumers inAmazon is easier to searchTo related productsAnd,Amazon's algorithm can track a personIn the past,andShow consumers' favoritesearchresultAt the same time, on the Amazon platform, consumers can alsoComments from other customersconductassessment.Amazon alsoFor consumersRecommend different sellers and give customers morechoice


In addition to consumers, more and more brands and sellers choose to place advertisements on Amazon instead of Google. The data shows that the brands and businesses that advertise on the Internet platform have46.7% of product searches come from Amazon and 34.6% from Google.


The main reason for this is that on Amazon, brands only need to optimize keywords related to product names, while Google needs to optimize search for titles and tags. In addition, Amazon's search ranking algorithm is simpler than Google's.


These changes in consumers and brandsIt worries Google,in the U.S.Google accounts for nearly73% of search adsmarket share, followed by Amazon13%。Although it still has advantages, Google has taken action to cooperate with AmazonLaunch fierce competition


Google isTo oneselfSearch forInterface integration, if someone searches for a dress on Google, it will now be displayed inYouTube, blogs and other shopping websitessearchresult.Google is takingMeasures will be taken to introduce more sellers and products to its platform, making it a convenient market.In addition, Google is also providingThe seller is exempt from sales commission.


The final result of this competitionThey haven't come out yet.yesAmazonturn the tideGoogle, or Google stillStay ahead, still to be observed.

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