Layout in Southeast Asia, and Shope promotes digital retail plan


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

according toForeign mediaTech Wire AsiaOnA report on Fridaydisplay, E-commerce platformThe total merchandise value (GMV) of Shopee's five cooperative brands will reach at least 100 million dollars in 2021, while Shopee Mall'sMonthly activeNumber of memberspast timesa yearwithinIt has increased at least eightfold.


ThereportmentionShopeeplatformWill alsoadvanceartificial intelligenceApplication of technologies such as, according toconsumerShopping behaviorHabits anduser interest For themRecommend moreplusPersonalized entertainment and offersreal-time info


Shopee launched the regional brand plan in 2020 and created a series of regional activities with its brand partners.andIn 2021,ShopeeIs continuingsupportalreadyJoined20 brand partners,Provide early participationPlanning and activitiesOpportunities for


Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer of Shopee, said at the recent Shopee Brand Summit that as the retail industry has become ultra digital, online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's livesSoutheast AsiaThe market is stillThere is a lot of room for growthShopee and its brand partners will continue to expand and improve Shopee Mall tobyMore customersProvide quality service


TheAccording to the report,Shopee Mall e-commerce platform plans to adopt more extensive marketingmeansImprove brand awareness, promote higher business performance through new solutions, and enhance brand experience by increasing participation tools, so as to strengthen efforts in key growth drivers, expand its coverage, and strengthen interaction with users on the platform.


according toBainPrevious survey data of Southeast Asian market, toIn 2030, the GMV of Southeast Asia will reach nearly 1 trillion dollars.andShopeejustIs a leading e-commerce retailer in the region,two thousand and twentyInGMV is USD 35.4 billion. stayepidemic situationperiod,ShopeeIn VietnamThe region is moreHas achieved strong expansion,The number of platform visits has increased dramaticallyHas80%。


I have to say, ShopeeParent company ofSea has entered amarketDomain. andLazada is also opening with GrabCooperate and use its huge customer resources and driversLogistics network, comea keyImprove e-commerce business of the platform.

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