Polish e-commerce Allegro summarizes the consumption trend in 2021


Author:Yu Xiaoying
Source: ennews

Allegro said that fashion products are one of the most visited categories on the platform. In 2021, the Allegro platform will sell more than 70 million fashion products, an increase of more than 60% over 2020.


So, what is the consumption trend in the past year?


according toIn Allegro's annual report, white is one of the popular colors in 2021, and one in every 10 dresses added to the shopping cart is white. At the same time, the color of neon lights has also attracted people's attention. In the past year, nearly 35000 search words related to "Neon" were used.


In addition,"Sexy" is also one of the popular labels. Compared with 2020, the sales volume of open navel tops in 2021 increased by 21%. Spotted clothes are also popular with consumers. Data shows that in 2021, more than 48000 pieces of women's clothes with spots were sold on Allegro, most of which are dresses.


In addition to these, the search volume of bellbottoms is almostDouble in 2020; In 2021, more than 52000 bucket caps will be sold on Allegro, with an average of 8 bucket caps sold every hour (1399 searches within 24 hours); The search volume of skirts and jackets increased by 116% year on year in 2020.


In terms of categories, sportswear continues to be favored by women consumers. However, with the return of social activities, bra accessoriesIncrease by more than 60% in 2020. Compared with 2020, female users are also more likely to buy tights and swimwear. In footwear, sports shoes occupy the leading position in sales as usual. However, people's frequent travel also led to the re popularity of short boots, snow boots, Wellington boots, especially moon boots (sales growth of more than 411%).


Men's choices also reflect their tendency to return to the office and social gatherings. AndCompared with 2020, people's interest in suits, jackets and coats has increased significantly. When searching for shoes on Allegro, men usually also choose sneakers. In addition, people's interest in Wellington boots, hiking boots and snow boots has also increased significantly.


For children, in the category of shoes, people are increasingly interested in children's short boots, derby shoes and slippers. In addition, two weeks of heavy snow at the beginning of this year led to a surge in the number of people searching for snow boots.

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