The proportion of online shopping exceeds 90%, and the Nordic market has great potential


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Online shopping is very common in Northern Europe, but research shows that the region still has growth potential. stayIn 2021, Finland will rank first in the European Commission's Digital and Social Index DESIThis meansFinlandIt is considered to be the most mature digital economy in the EU.


Other Nordic markets are also at the top of the indexIn all Nordic countries, the proportion of people who shop online exceeds90%PostNord and Direct Lin released the European E-commerce Report 2021, in which we can see many similarities in e-commerce consumer behavior and preferences in Nordic countries.


Nordic countries have many powerful domestic brandsE-commerce platformIt was established later in Northern Europe than in many other European countries.stayConducted on e-commerce platformThe number of consumers shopping is growing, but it is still far lower than Italy, Britain, Spain and Germany.


Over the years, Amazon has played an important role in several European countries, but so far, it has only gained a foothold in Sweden, the Nordic region.


Online consumers in Nordic countries prefer to buy the same product category online more or less. In DenmarkAnd Finland, the top three categories areClothing and footwear, household electronic products and cosmetics, and skin care productsNorway's top three areClothing and footwear, cosmetics and skin care products, and pharmaceuticalsSweden is an exception,Clothing and footwear Not at allThe first category.


Nordic consumers want to pay slightly differently for their online shopping. Debit or credit card is the most popular payment method in Denmark, Norway and FinlandIn Sweden, invoices are still the most popular method of payment. on the other hand,Mobile applications are rapidly gaining popularity in Nordic countries.


In the past few years, the use of mobile phones in online shopping has become mainstream from a niche phenomenon. The differences in mobile use among European countries studied in the report have stabilized,exceed70% of respondents use mobile phones for e-commerce.


Different countries have different preferences for delivery. majorityConsumers are more willing to send goods purchased online to their homesIn Sweden and Norway, consumers' first choice is to deliver goods to the mailbox and pick up goods from the service point when possible. In Finland,Consumers prefer to pick up goods from parcel lockersThis delivery methodIn northern EuropeIt is growing steadily.


Although the market is not as good as that of Britain, Germany and other large countries, the potential of the Nordic market is also worth paying attention to.

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