Tsunami warning comes into effect, and docks in Southern California are closed


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, the eruption of Tonga volcano has aroused great concern. Although volcanic eruptions occur occasionallyThe volcanic eruption on January 15 had a huge impact on Tonga, Fiji, Samoa and other regions, and there was no small potential danger.


Affected by the volcanic eruption, the United States, Canada, Chile, Japan and other places in the Pacific region successively issued tsunami warning signals, evacuating the people in neighboring areas. At the same time, tsunami warning has also posed a great threat to transport vessels.


According to foreign media reports, due to TongaA tsunami occurred on Tongatapu Island, an underwater volcano in the South Pacific exploded, and waves poured into the adjacent area. Southern California Beach, San Francisco and other places have been affected to varying degrees. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of local people, California, Washington, Alaska and other places on the west coast of the United States have put the tsunami warning issued earlier into effectDocks near Southern California are now closed


Southern California has the largest Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port on the west coast of the United States, and is also one of the busiest ports in the world. However, due to continuous port congestion and the superposition of epidemic diseases, the port operation rate has not been significantly improved since last year.


Last week, with the increase in the number of people infected at the southern California dock, the dock was also close to800 dock workers were isolated, and many people began to worry about whether the loading and unloading rate of the dock would be affected.


The impact of the Tonga volcanic eruption is bound to slow down the ongoing container clearing work at the Southern California Dock. It is worth noting that according to professionals, this eruption of Tonga Volcano has exceeded the scale of the previous two eruptions, and the active period of the eruption can last for weeks or even years.


At this time, some sellers who are preparing to deliver goods before the annual leave may have to wait patiently. In addition, people living near the volcanic eruption and tsunami warning sites must ensure their own safety.

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