Amazon's shipping policy has changed, and several types of goods will be rejected!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

At the beginning of this year, many sellers reported that their cancelled or deleted shipments were rejected by Amazon. They wondered if Amazon had any new regulations.


Sure enough, Amazon recently released a new announcement. The announcement said thatsinceFrom April 1, 2022, ifsellerSend cancelled or deleted goods to Amazon, which may be rejectedcollectIn addition, the seller asked AmazonThe ability to send additional goodsMay be limited.

The shipping policy of cross-border e-commerce Amazon has changed, and several types of goods will be rejected!


This means that if the seller's goods are rejected, it will bring him a lot of trouble. The seller shouldAdditional treatment, diversiondeliver goodsAdd additional costs. Meanwhile, the sellerInventory receipt and salesWill be delayed, affecting the overall operation progress.


Amazon pointed out that the rejected shipments mainly refer to thoseDelete after approving the transportation planGoodsCargo volumeError, incomplete shipment, etc.for fear ofsellerThe goods aredelayreceiveThe problem of,Amazon also made some suggestions for sellers.


Amazon suggested sellersWhen creating a shipment plan,to make cleargoodsQuantity, content and other information that may affect shipment distribution。 After the transportation plan is approved,wantEnsure that the goods are sent to the designated execution center,The plan shall cover the quantity and content of goods.


In addition, the seller should note that,After the multi destination transportation plan is approved, do not delete anygoodsOr willShipmentSend along different routesstill moreensureownFBA frame ID label is clearly visibleToAddress on FBA case number label, no later than 30 days.


Some sellers expressed their understanding of the changes in the new policies, but others questioned the number of days of delivery.


This part of the sellers said that because the supply chain problem has not been solved, the delivery of goods by sea at least needsIf the time limit is more than 45 days, is it unreasonable.

In addition, in recent days, the seller's inventory has been "disappeared" for no reason. The quantity of goods is not up to the standard, which also affects the seller's progress in receiving goods.


However, many sellers have said that they have already complied with the regulations that have not been formally implemented and do not want to have any problems before the New Year. As the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure that the goods can be received in a timely manner and do not affect the sales in the later period, the sellers must strictly control all aspects and act according to the rules.

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