Amazon's shipping policy has changed, several types of goods will be rejected!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

At the beginning of this year, many sellers reported that their cancelled or deleted shipments were rejected by Amazon, speculating whether there were any new regulations on Amazon.


As expected, Amazon recently released a new announcement. Announcement states thatsinceStarting from April 1, 2022, ifsellerSending cancelled or deleted goods to Amazon may result in rejection of the goodscollect.In addition, sellers are offering AmazonThe ability to send additional goods alsoMay be restricted.

Cross border e-commerce logistics Amazon shipping policy has changed, several types of goods will be rejected!


This means that if the seller's goods are rejected, it will cause a lot of trouble for themselves, and the seller needs to carry outAdditional processing, diversiondelivery,Add additional costs. Meanwhile, the sellerInventory receipt and salesThe time will be delayed, affecting the overall operational progress.


Amazon pointed out that rejected shipments mainly refer to thoseDelete after approving the transportation planGoodsQuantity of goodsErrors, incomplete shipments, etc.To avoidsellerGoods aredelayreceiveThe issue of,Amazon has also made some suggestions for sellers.


Amazon suggests sellersWhen creating a shipment plan,explicitgoodsQuantity, content, and other information that may affect shipment distribution. After the transportation plan is approved,wantEnsure that the goods are sent to the designated execution center,The plan should cover the quantity and content of the goods.


Additionally, sellers should be aware that,Do not delete any shipments after approval of the multi destination transportation plangoodsOrShipment of goodsSending along different routes,stillensureOwnFBA box ID label is clearly visible,DeliveryThe address on the FBA box number label, no later than 30 days.


Regarding the changes in the new policy mentioned above, some sellers expressed their understanding, but others questioned the delivery time.


This group of sellers stated that due to unresolved supply chain issues, the delivery of sea freight requires at leastIs the time limit unreasonable for more than 45 days.

In addition, recent incidents of sellers' inventory disappearing without reason have also occurred, resulting in insufficient quantity of goods and affecting the progress of sellers' goods receipt.


However, many sellers have already stated that they have already followed this non officially implemented regulation and do not want to have any further problems before the Chinese New Year. As the Spring Festival approaches, in order to ensure that goods can be received in a timely manner and do not affect sales in the later stage, it is necessary to strictly control all aspects of household sales and act according to regulations.

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