When the snowstorm hits the southeast of the United States, eBay will automatically protect "seller ratings"


Source: ennews

local timeOn the 16th,Parts of the southeastern United States are hit by snowstorms, localMore than 8000ten thousandPeople affectedStrong wind andBlizzardcauseLocaltwoseventen thousandhouseholdHousehold power failuretrafficSoBe paralyzed


During this period, many logisticsThe package could not be completed in timeDelivery, whileeBayalsoAnnounced on Monday local time that the platform will automatically protect"Seller rating"


If the seller is located in thesnowstormAreas affectedAnd the inventory cannot be delivered,EBay SuggestionsThe seller is timelyCommunicate with the buyer and informLogistics impactsituation; If the seller expects the itemhaveincur loss through delayPossibility of, please extend the list processing time.


If the seller's business is subject toThis delivery is subject toinfluence,thatEBay will automatically protect seller performance, includingOverdue delivery rate; Effective tracking rate of packages; Delayed delivery due to tornado"Goods not received" order; Orders cancelled by the seller due to strong storm


in additionEBay said that it would also automatically deleteweatherAny neutral or negative feedback leading to late delivery, andService indicator rating related to the "goods not received" request.


It should be noted that,Because this timeFor weather events, cross-border sellers may see delayed delivery on their seller control panel, but they will be deleted before the next seller performance evaluationThe seller does not need to contact customer service.


It is understood that the currentThe snowstorm has caused more thantwenty-seventen thousandhouseholdfamilyPower failure and continuous snowstorms also caused frequent local traffic accidents.


According to the National Weather Service, the current large-scale winter snowstormIt is advancing to New York and other northern regions, exceptU.S.AOutside the southeast, it has now affected the Midwest of the United Statesas well asFor most of the northern part of the East Coast, it is estimated thatSnowstorm in AmericastilltakeIt lasts for a period of time.


The factors caused by extreme weather are irresistible. Relevant sellers should pay attention to the impact of this storm in the United States in a timely manner. If it is expected that the logistics package delivery will be affected, please contact the buyer in a timely manner and patiently inform them of the reasons.

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