In 2021, the top ten Russian search products will be released


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

Avito is the most popular classified advertising website in Russia,It is also one of the most visited websites in Russia. Recently, the platformRussian Search on the Website in 2021An investigation was conducted.


Last year, the most searchedBicycles, pets and household furnitureThe ten most popular products are: bicycles, cats and dogs, tables, televisions, retro products, sofas, refrigerators, barbecues, mirrors, carpets.


In 2020, the search volume of sofa ranked first, which was replaced by bicycle last year.two021Bicycle's search volume increased over the previous year19%,average8000 rubles can buy a car, 33% more expensive than 2020.


In 2021, Russians not only organized cycling, but alsoEnjoy collecting retro products from the Soviet era. Being used to living in isolation, many people decide to enrich their leisure time by starting a new hobbyCompared with 2020, people's demand for goods from the Soviet period increased by 47%, with an average selling price of 500 rubles.


AndCompared with the top 10 in 2020, 2In 021, Russians began to consider raising cats or dogs moreAndCompared with 2020, cats will be considered in 2021buyThe frequency of has increased10%, dogs increased by 5%. On the whole Russian website, most pets areBetween peopleFree of charge.  


In addition, fromSince 2020,The trend of home decoration is growingpeopleFor furniture, interior fittings and textilesMorebe interested.For example, common tables,sinceSince 2020, their popularity has increased by 34%, with an average cost of 5000 rubles, 11% higher than that in 2020.


Because they are often at home, peopleOn TVmachineThe demand ofobviousAdd, andCompared with 2021, the purchase volume has increased by 69%。 In order to balance work and leisure, consumers began to explore new sofa types,In 2021, for the "familyBed”22% increase in demandAverage cost is about12000 rubles, 20% higher than 2020


Just as important as being comfortable at homeplaceIt's the kitchen area.2021consumerInterest in refrigeratorsthanIn 2020, the average cost was 6500 rubles, an increase of 8% over the previous year.At the same time,Russians are right about barbecuealsoMore and more interestedThe demand for barbecue will increase by 6% in 2021.

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