Super low price of Amazon's proprietary products is complained about by sellers


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

Recently, when browsing Amazon's official forum, I found that many sellers complained that the price of Amazon's proprietary products was too low, so that other sellers selling the same products on the platform had no profit at all.


It is understood that a certain product of a seller is priced at $5.99, but the same product of Amazon's own is $3.99. There is no doubt that Amazon will win more customer orders and squeeze the profit of this product.


Some sellers hold different views on this "price war" phenomenon!


Seller A said that sales on the Amazon platform are very good. Although third-party sellers on the platform compete with Amazon in many aspects, if you can sell the right products at the right price, you can make a lot of money and many people depend on Amazon for a living. However, if you insist on selling the same product with Amazon, you will either sacrifice profits or wait for Amazon's inventory to sell out.


Seller B said that when selling products on Amazon, he should not fall into the trap of "low price competition", but should spend more time in selecting products. For example, on the one hand, you need to find niche markets for the product categories you sell and accumulate relevant experience; On the other hand, it is necessary to establish a good supply chain relationship with suppliers. Instead of blindly believing in some marketing advertisements that "earn tens of thousands of dollars every day with no effort".


Seller C said that although he would face various problems in the sales process, including insufficient storage capacity, cash flow difficulties and some problems that can not be solved by opening a case, he still believed that the product was valuable. In addition to occasional price confusion, the price of the final product was still in direct proportion to its value.


With the rise of Amazon's distribution commission again, the seller's cost also rises again. Although low price products can attract buyers' attention at the first time, some sellers say they never participate in the "price war" and will increase the product price at the appropriate time, but they can still obtain sales orders like other sellers.

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