40 days of super long vacation! A batch of cross-border companies have already gone on vacation


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People without foresight must have near worries! Spring Festival this year: will you go back to your hometown for the Spring Festival?


As the Spring Festival approaches, holiday arrangements for major cross-border e-commerce companies have also been gradually released. It is reported that many companies' holiday schedules closely follow national policies. Do you thinkIs the 7-day Spring Festival holiday a standard feature for all cross-border e-commerce companies? Wrong. The editor learned that some companies directly indulge in holidays lasting over a month, which has made many salaried workers who not only have a short Spring Festival holiday but also only have 3 days to envy: why am I so unlucky?


As cross-border e-commerce workers, everyone may have different vacation times, but their desire to go home is surprisingly consistent. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of cross-border people are thinking every day: will there be any new cases tomorrow? Can I go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival this year?


As the capital of cross-border e-commerce, Shenzhen has always gathered a large number of dream seekers. As the new year approaches, your current worry is whether you can go home for the Chinese New Year this year, and how can you elegantly explain to the seven aunts and eight aunts what work I am doing and how much money I have earned after returning home?At the same time, the classic thinking also lingers in my heart at the beginning of the New Year: when can I visit when I can drop off and explode orders? Can we still do cross-border business after leaving Shenzhen? Is it better to work or to work alone?


Major cross-border companies release holiday times: some are happy while others are worried


I heard that recently, many cross-border people have already packed their bags and waited for the moment of vacation to arrive. Can't you wait for the holidayFace at work, but in realityPut it down?


As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, many cross-border e-commerce companies have already set their vacation time. According to the notice from the General Office of the State Council,The 2022 Spring Festival holiday is arranged from January 31, 2022 (Monday, New Year's Eve) to February 6, 2022 (Sunday, Saturday), a total of 7 days, with work on January 29 (Saturday) and January 30 (Sunday). In this context, many cross-border e-commerce companies' Spring Festival holiday arrangements follow this time, but there are also many companies' Spring Festival holiday arrangements that are not the same. The editor learned that cross-border e-commerce companies that have long holidays, The company employees have already embarked on their way home.


A cross-border e-commerce company operator stated that,Their art and development have been developed fromWe have been on vacation since January 1st and can take a total of 40 days offAnd the operation positionThe holiday starts on January 18th, with a total of over 20 days off.


Coincidentally, a cross-border worker from Zhengzhou has also taken a vacation,Our company has a holiday on January 14th and starts work on February 10th. It has been almost 30 days and the goods have already been replenished. I have directly replenished them until early April


Such a long Spring Festival holiday is actually not exclusive to the aforementioned companies.


A: Starting from January 25th, I will be on vacation. I will start work on the ninth day of the first lunar month and have a 14 day break. I am from Ningbo and my boss is from Hunan. It is not easy for people from other places to leave their hometown. The boss is really good.


B: I amShenzhenWorking for a factory based cross-border e-commerce company,Holiday timeyes21 days from January 20th to February 10th,Maybe it's a factoryShutdownThe reason for this is that our cross-border department has also been exposed to corruption.


C: Coordinate Shanxi,Holiday on January 14th (December 12th),Start work on February 7th (the seventh day of the first lunar month),Over 20 days of annual leave.


B2B 40 days of super long vacation! A batch of cross-border companies have already gone on vacation


The editor learned that these cross-border e-commerce companies have longer holidays, mainly due to logistics companies, early factory holidays, no orders, and company models.


Our company mainly operates a self delivery model, and the Spring Festival holiday is always very early. In addition, due to the recent epidemic, the company has directly taken a holiday, "said a Shanxi operator,ShanxithatMost of them are self shipping store groupsmodeBasically, we have found a freight forwarder for secondary packaging and shipment, and all products are not handled by ourselvesIn this situation, the company is actually not too busy, and the annual Spring Festival holiday is also relatively longer.


The company is not busy, and there is another explanation for many companies: the company's order volume is too poor.


After Christmas, the order volume began to sharply decline, and after all these years of work, 2021 was the worst year for me, "according to feedback from an Amazon person,Under the same ranking, the sales volume of the store directly increases from the daily average40 orders fell to only 1 order leftThere are many similar sounds,My friend works on the French website, where orders have changed from 20 orders a day to 5 orders a day, and the ranking has not changed yet. "" In this category, the search volume for many words has dropped to freezing points. The big words are also the same, with a difference of almost 0 to 10000 compared to previous years. "" 2022 has arrived, and not only has the internal competition not disappeared, but it has become even more intense "


In 2021, volume is indeed the main theme of the Amazon platform, and the important reason behind it is the significant increase in entrants. Amazon stated that in the past year, Chinese sellers have shown a good development trend on Amazon's global sites, and the number of new sellers in China has continued to maintain double-digit growth.


The number of Amazon employees has increased, and the price war has become even more fierce. Some companies cannot afford it, and sales are getting worse and worse. Faced with the current situation of poor orders, although not all companies will take early holidays, it is undeniable that many companies do take early holidays due to poor orders to reduce labor costs and other expenses.


Of course, there are also many cross-border e-commerce companies whose vacation time follows the factory time. It is reported that many factories not only have early holidays, but also haveAround March 2022.


As early asIn October 2021, the editor saw many factories issuing Spring Festival holiday notices, and by November and December, there were still many factory workersSequential release of holiday notices for early factory shutdown. Many factories may have to take early holidays, but they have affected the stocking of many cross-border e-commerce sellers.Something unexpected happened. The factory we worked with had an early holiday, and our work was semi stagnant. It's no use staying at the company anymore. The company just gave us a long early holiday, "said a cross-border worker.


Cross border logistics is also closely related to vacation time. The holiday arrangements for cross-border logistics companies have been gradually released, and many of them have a long Spring Festival holiday.Our company's Spring Festival holiday is from January 25th to February 7th, a total of 14 days. We officially start work on February 8th (the eighth day of the first lunar month). Based on the holiday schedule sent by a freight forwarder, their company's goods cut-off time is January 23rd, 2022 for the US special line, January 20th, 2022 for the European special line, and January 21st, 2022 for international express delivery. Each cut-off time is relatively early, and cross-border sellers prepare their goods in advance, There are actually not too many things to handle in the future. Even if there are things to handle, you can basically handle them with a computer around you. "Going to work for a cross-border e-commerce company is not much different from not going to work," he said.


In the eyes of these people, the holiday schedules of the cross-border e-commerce companies mentioned above are truly enviable.Our company's annual leave cannot be taken in conjunction with holidays, and the Spring Festival holiday is not as long as the National Day holiday. The Spring Festival holiday has become the last straw that overwhelms many workers, so they choose to take buckets and run away, giving themselves annual leave in advance.


The length of vacation is the focus of concern for migrant workersThe calculation of salary during the holiday period is also a key concern for them.


According to legal regulations, the Spring FestivalAll 7-day holidays are paid, and generally speaking, the holiday compensation and benefits of cross-border e-commerce companies follow the policy:


A:The holiday starts on the 28th,Starting work on the 7th,Total vacation10 days,Seven days paid.

B: Coordinated in Shenzhen, the holiday lasts for 15 days during the Chinese New Year, with 8 days without a base salary.

C: We will be on leave for a total of 16 days, and in the same situation as you, we will be paid for 7 days.


Of course, some cross-border e-commerce companies not only have long holidays,Employees are also allowed to take paid leave throughout the entire process.


OperationsA reported that their company is a small company in Shenzhen, with a total of 16 days off from January 23rd to February 7th. No makeup work, no deduction of money, paid vacation, provided that you bring your computer home for work.


OperationsB also indicates that theyNo compensatory leave, no makeup work, no deduction of money, no vacationOver 20 days,This year is a few fewer days than last year, and it was released for a whole month last year


The length of vacation time and salary calculation issues are different for each company based on their own actual situation. What is the situation in your company? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


Dear workers, are you going home for the Chinese New Year this year?


As the New Year approaches, the outbreak of the epidemic has forced many people to be quarantined at home. Nowadays, many migrant workers, even if they have extra long holidaysUnable to achieve freedom to return homeA faint sadness welled up in my mind about this matter.


Yesterday, I told the company that it would be a holiday after last week. Unlike in previous years, the employees did not show much joy. Originally, most people did not go home for the Chinese New Year, and their biggest concern was being quarantined as soon as they came home. If they were quarantined for 14 days, the entire holiday would be ruined, "said the boss of a cross-border e-commerce company.


The editor learned that many cross-border people who work outside have given up on returning home due to the pandemic:


A: I won't go back this year, and Shanghai still has a star on it. It's not convenient to have free activities when I go back.

B: I was in Zhejiang and originally wanted to bring my Shenzhen family over for the Chinese New Year, but I was afraid that the situation would change and I would be quarantined, so I had to give up.

C: My hometown is Guangxi, and I won't go back for the Chinese New Year this year. It's too troublesome!


From everyone's feedback, it can be seen that migrant workers living in all corners of the world are struggling to decide whether to return home. Shenzhen, as the cross-border e-commerce capital, has gathered a large number of dream seekers, and the voices of discussing the epidemic and returning home will naturally be more enthusiastic. It is reported that in recent times, the current situation of cross-border e-commerce workers in Shenzhen is:


Pack your luggage for work and prepare for being quarantined at the company;

Pack your computer and get ready for home quarantine after work.


Recently, the thoughts of cross-border e-commerce workers in Shenzhen are:


How to make money;

Can we still go home during the Spring Festival.


Recently, when I go out, I always bring a computer, charger, down jacket, pajamas, compressed biscuits... No one knows if one day I will suddenly be quarantined in a certain place. "A cross-border e-commerce company operator in Shenzhen said that in the face of the sudden epidemic at the end of the year, he has planned not to go home for the Chinese New Year this year.


According to media reports, according to predictions,Stay deep this yearShenzhenCitizens who celebrate the Chinese New Year will reachMore than 18 million people, twice as many as last year.How many of them are engaged in cross-border e-commerce export work? Cross border view of China, China view of Guangdong, Guangdong view of Shenzhen, Shenzhen customs data shows,In the first half of 2021, the value of cross-border e-commerce goods supervised by Shenzhen Customs exceeded 100 billion yuan, exceeding the total amount of last year and continuing to lead the country.Tianyancha shows that,In 2021, there were over 600000 cross-border e-commerce related enterprises in China, among which a large number of cross-border e-commerce brands were stationed in Shenzhen.


There is still a large group of cross-border workers in Shenzhen who have not decided whether to return home. They want to wait and see the latest trend of the epidemic before making plans,Seeing the Shenzhen epidemic on the hot search again, I was scared to death. When I clicked on it, I found that there was no new situation, and my body and mind were instantly at ease. It is reported that a large number of cross-border workers in Shenzhen are closely monitoring the latest progress of the epidemic. "The hope for a year is to go home for the Chinese New Year," said a representative of a Shenzhen worker. Although many colleagues are in a very urgent mood to go home, if they really don't have the conditions to go back, they will definitely not wander around and make trouble.


The editor learned that in the face of the threat of the domestic domestic epidemic, many places have recently raised concernsNot returning home unless necessary, or encouraging 'celebrating the Chinese New Year on the spot',Simultaneously, by issuing subsidies, consumption vouchers, and other meansThe people celebrated the New Year with peace of mind.


Cross border e-commerce 40 day long holiday! A batch of cross-border companies have already gone on vacation


What else is there to worry about cross-border people besides being unable to return home?


Without foresight, there must be immediate worries. Those who cannot return home hope to return home, while those who can return home are thinking about how to respond to the kind care of their seven sisters and eight aunts:


What kind of work do you do


What is cross-border e-commerce? What is Amazon? What is an independent website? What is Shopee


How much is the annual salary


Have you bought a house outside yet? When are you planning to buy a house


In addition to their career, life events are also the focus of their curiosity. Whether you are a seller, freight forwarder, or service provider, no matter how many orders you make, how fast the logistics are, or how well the store operates, as long as you choose to go home for the Chinese New Year, all beings are equal: blind dates are given to those who have no objects, reminders are given to those who have objects, reminders are given to those who have married, and reminders are given to those who have given birth to one child


The questions asked by relatives may seem uninteresting, but they are actually the goals that many people strive for throughout their lives. Here's the question: Is your career thriving now? Have you been married and have a happy family?


Perhaps many people's answer is no, they often deny and doubt themselves. Why is it so difficult for me not only to fail in my career, but also to find a partner?


It is understood that in today's cross-border e-commerce industry,The post-90s and post-95s have clearly become the main force in operation. According to the prospectus released by Anke Innovation, the number of employees born in the 1990s at Anke Innovation Company accounts for 49.68%, while in terms of education, the number of employees with a bachelor's degree or above accounts for 85.98%. So, in the current period, the post-90s and post-95s will have more thoughts on family and career.


The issue of career and love, when it comes to the operating group of cross-border e-commerce companies, can be referred to in detail as the problem of breaking orders and exploding orders. Many people say: will breaking orders be far behind?


How to explode orders? There are many factors that contribute to it. From the perspective of the external environment, is there still room for cross-border e-commerce exports? The data explains everything, it is reported that,stayJanuaryMinistry of Commerce on the 13thliftAt the regular press conference, spokesperson Shu Jueting introduced that in recent years, China's new foreign trade industry has flourished and continued to innovate. Cross border e-commerceOver the past five years, it has grown nearly tenfold, and in 2021, it will continue to maintain double-digit growth. The scale of market procurement trade has increased fivefold in the past six years,In 2021, the export volume reached a new historical high, with over 1500 comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises and over 2000 overseas warehousesThe bonded maintenance project for processing trade has been completed130, with steady development of offshore trade, new formats and models have become a new driving force for promoting the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and high-quality development.


Customs statistics also show that,In 2021, China's cross-border e-commerce imports and exports reached 1.98 trillion yuan, an increase of 15%,Among them, export1.44 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.5%——Despite the impact of the pandemic and varying degrees of setbacks on the global economic recovery, China's import and export scale still achieves sustained and rapid growth.


The above data indicates that cross-border e-commerce exports still exhibit a thriving scene.


In terms of internal conditions, differences in individual operational capabilities also affect product sales.After all, a good Amazon operation requires meticulous work in every aspect, not just adjusting advertisements every day. There are too many dimensions to analyze for a product, and it is necessary to grasp accurate rhythm points, seize opportunities, and summarize that a good link is a product of favorable timing, location, and people. Despite that, many Amazon operations are still struggling: I understand the truth, so how can I improve my abilities?


In the eyes of multiple operators,The essence of operation used to be brushing,2021 is a rolling year, and 2022 is estimated to be a year of smashing and smashingAs the black hat gameplay is gradually blocked, there are more and more white hat players, and everyone is on the road of smashing advertisements. The era of making fast money is gradually coming to an end, which means that commissions are difficult to obtain. As their money has not yet increased with age, their worries are increasing day by day.


In my opinion, I have been working for many years and living at a base salary of 10K in Shenzhen is actually very difficult. In addition, as I get older, I feel anxious about my age and plan to leave Shenzhen after the Spring Festival. I am considering starting my own business, "said a cross-border e-commerce operator who has been pondering for a long time and plans to embark on a solo career.


It is reported that heI graduated in 2016 and just started working in B2B for a year. I only received a base salary of 1900 yuan per month and never received any commission. I was hoping to settle down for a year, but no one brought me, no support, and I didn't learn anything. In 2017, I came to Shenzhen and came into contact with Amazon. My first company was a distribution oriented company, with a monthly base salary of 4000 yuan. After working for a year, I didn't learn anything, so I resigned and left to join my current company. After working for nearly four years, He once again realized that both the company and himself had reached a development bottleneck, and once again came to a crossroads in life. He decided to end his deep drift journey and take a solo journey.


People who want to leave Shenzhen say,Shenzhen is really a city with a fast pace and a lot of overtime, without too much life style and human touch, which makes people unable to love and leave without any nostalgia!


There are still many people who plan to go cross-border alone in 2022, as well as many who plan to switch careers. There are also many people who want to leave Shenzhen,Do cross-border e-commerce leaving Shenzhen still have a soul?Doing it alone is a near death? Is there no future for working from nine to six?This series of question marks falls on every cross-border person, with a winding and vivid answer.


Regardless of whether the past year has been successful or not, fortunately, the Spring Festival is approaching. Farewell to the old and welcome the new, please tidy up your mood at the upcoming new time of life before starting!





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