40 days long holiday! A number of cross-border companies have taken holidays


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A man who has no foresight must have immediate worries! Spring Festival this year: Will you go back to your hometown for the Spring Festival?


As the Spring Festival is approaching, holiday arrangements for major cross-border e-commerce companies have also been announced. It is reported that many companies' holiday schedules closely follow national policies. Do you thinkIs the 7-day Spring Festival holiday standard for all cross-border e-commerce companies? Wrong. Xiao Bian learned that a company directly took more than one month's holiday, which made many salaried migrant workers envious: Why am I so miserable?


As cross-border e-commerce migrant workers, we may have different holidays, but we all want to go home in a strangely consistent mood. Just because of the epidemic, a large number of cross-border people are thinking every day: Will there be new cases tomorrow? Can I go back to my hometown for the Spring Festival this year?


Shenzhen, as the capital of cross-border e-commerce, has always gathered a large number of dreamers. With the coming of the new year, the current problem is whether you can go home this year for the New Year. After you go home, how can you explain to your seven aunts and eight aunts what I am doing and how much money I earn?... At the same time, the classic thinking also haunts me at the beginning of the new year: when can I visit the house for off order and off order? Can we do cross-border business after leaving Shenzhen? Is it better to work part-time or independently?


Holiday time of major cross-border companies: some people are happy and others are worried


It's said that recently, many cross-border people have packed their bags for the holiday. They can't wait for the holidayThe face is working, but the reality is"Bad"?


As the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, many cross-border e-commerce companies have come out for the holidays. According to the notice of the General Office of the State Council,The Spring Festival holiday in 2022 is arranged from January 31, 2022 (Monday, New Year's Eve) to February 6, 2022 (Sunday, Saturday), a total of seven days, January 29 (Saturday), January 30 (Sunday). In this context, many cross-border e-commerce companies follow this time for their Spring Festival holiday arrangements, but many companies do not have the same Spring Festival holiday arrangements. I learned that cross-border e-commerce companies with long holidays, The employees of the company have embarked on the road home.


A cross-border e-commerce company said that,Their artwork and development are fromIt has been a holiday since January 1, and you can take a total of 40 days off, while the operation postThe holiday starts on January 18 and lasts more than 20 days in total.


Coincidentally, a cross-border migrant worker in Zhengzhou has also taken a vacation,"Our company had a holiday on January 14 and went to work on February 10. In nearly 30 days, the goods had already been replenished. I directly made up until the beginning of April."


Such a long Spring Festival holiday is not unique to the above companies.


A: After January 25, I started to take a vacation. I went to work on the ninth day of the lunar month and took a 14 day vacation. My boss is from Ningbo, Hunan. It's not easy for outsiders to leave their hometown. The boss is really good.


B: I amShenzhenWorking in a factory type cross-border e-commerce company,Holiday timeyes21 days from January 20 to February 10Could be a factoryShutdownWhy? Our cross-border departments are following


C: Coordinate Shanxi,Holiday on January 14 (December 12)Go to work on February 7 (the seventh day of the first month)More than 20 days of annual leave


40 day long holiday for Sailing News! A number of cross-border companies have taken holidays


Xiao Bian learned that these cross-border e-commerce companies have long holidays, mainly because logistics companies and factories have early holidays, the company has no orders, and the company model.


"Our company is mainly engaged in self delivery mode. The Spring Festival holiday is always very early. In addition to the recent epidemic, the company has directly taken a holiday", said a Shanxi operator,ShanxithatMost of them are self delivery storespatternBasically, it is the second packaging and shipment of the freight forwarder, and all products are not delivered by ourselvesIn this case, the company is not too busy, and the annual Spring Festival holiday will be longer.


The company is not busy. There is another explanation for many companies: the company's single volume is too poor.


"After Christmas, the unit volume began to drop sharply. After so many years of work, 2021 is the worst year for me." According to an Amazon person,Under the same ranking, the sales volume of the store will directly increase from the daily average40 to 1There are many similar sounds,"My friend's orders for the French station have changed from 20 orders a day to five orders a day, and the ranking has not changed", "The search volume of many words in this category that I do has dropped to the freezing point. Big words are also, almost the difference between 0 and 10000 compared with previous years", "The year 2022 has arrived, and the internal volume has not only not disappeared, but has become more fierce"


In 2021, volume is indeed the main theme of Amazon platform, and the important reason behind it is that the number of entrants has increased significantly. Amazon said that in the past year, the development trend of Chinese sellers on Amazon's global site was good, and the number of new sellers in China continued to maintain double-digit growth.


The number of employees of Amazon has increased, and the price war has become more fierce. Some companies cannot afford it, and the sales are getting worse and worse. In the face of bad orders, although not all companies will take holidays in advance, it is undeniable that many companies will take holidays in advance due to poor orders to reduce labor costs and other expenditures.


Of course, there are also many cross-border e-commerce companies whose holidays follow the factory time. It is reported that many factories not only have holidays in advance, but alsoAround March 2022.


As early asIn October 2021, I will see that many factories have issued Spring Festival holiday notices. By November and December, there are still many factory workersLeave notice of early shutdown of the factory has been published in succession。 Many factories may have to leave in advance, but they have affected the stock of many cross-border e-commerce sellers."Something unexpected happened. The cooperative factory had a holiday in advance, and our work was half stopped. It was useless to stay in the company again. The company simply gave us a long holiday in advance." A cross-border migrant worker said.


Cross border logistics is also inseparable from holidays. At present, the holiday arrangements of cross-border logistics companies have been released one after another, and many of them have a long Spring Festival holiday."Our Spring Festival holiday is from January 25 to February 7, a total of 14 days, and we officially go to work on February 8 (the eighth day of the first month)". From the holiday schedule sent by a freight forwarder, their company's goods cut-off time is January 23, 2022 for the U.S. special line, January 20, 2022 for the European special line, and January 21, 2022 for the international express delivery. Each cut-off time is relatively early. After the cross-border sellers have prepared the goods in advance, In fact, there are not too many things to deal with later. Even if there is something to deal with, it can be basically done with a computer nearby. "There is no big difference between going to work in a cross-border e-commerce company and not going to work".


In the opinion of the following people, the holiday schedule of the above cross-border e-commerce companies is really enviable."The annual leave of our company cannot be taken in conjunction with holidays, and the Spring Festival holiday is not as long as the National Day holiday." The Spring Festival holiday has become the last straw overwhelming many migrant workers, so they have chosen to carry buckets and run away to give themselves annual leave in advance.


The length of vacation is the focus of migrant workersHow to calculate the salary during the holiday is also their focus.


According to the statutory provisions, the Spring FestivalAll 7 days of holidays are paid. In general, the holiday pay of cross-border e-commerce companies follows the policy:


A:The holiday starts on the 28thStart work on the 7thTotal vacation10 daysSeven day pay

B: Coordinates Shenzhen, 15 days for the New Year, 8 of which have no base salary.

C: We have a total of 16 days free, and we are paid for 7 days in the same situation as you.


Of course, some cross-border e-commerce companies have long holidays,Employees are also allowed to take full paid leave.


operateA reported that their company is a small company in Shenzhen. It will take 16 days off from January 23 to February 7. No extra shift, no deduction of money, paid vacation, if you take your computer home to work.


operateB also means theyNo compensatory leave, no class make-up, no money deduction, vacationMore than 20 days"This year there are fewer days than last year, and last year there was a whole month."


Each company has different calculation standards for the length of holidays and salary calculation based on its own actual situation. What is your company's situation? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


All migrant workers: Will you go home for the Spring Festival this year?


At the end of the New Year, the outbreak of the epidemic forced many people to live in isolation. Now, even if many migrant workers have extra long holidaysCan't realize freedom to go homeThis matter, a light sadness welled up in my mind.


"Yesterday, I said in the company that we had a holiday after last week. Unlike in previous years, the employees did not show a happy face. It turned out that most people did not go home for the New Year. Their biggest concern was that they would be quarantined once they got home. If they were quarantined for 14 days, the whole holiday would be ruined." A boss of a cross-border e-commerce company said.


Xiao Bian learned that many cross-border people who work abroad gave up going home because of the epidemic:


A: It's not going back this year. Shanghai still has a star. It's not convenient to go back and have free activities.

B: When I was in Zhejiang, I originally wanted to bring my Shenzhen family over for the New Year, but I was afraid that the situation would change and I would be isolated, so I had to give up.

C: My hometown is Guangxi. I won't go back this New Year. It's too troublesome!


According to your feedback, migrant workers from all over the world are struggling to go home. Shenzhen, as the capital of cross-border e-commerce, has gathered a large number of dreamers, so the voice of discussing the epidemic and going home will be more enthusiastic. It is reported that the current situation of cross-border e-commerce migrant workers in Shenzhen is:


Pack up your luggage and get ready to be isolated in the company;

Pack your computer and get ready for home isolation.


Recently, what Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce migrant workers think is:


How to make money;

Can I go home during the Spring Festival.


"Recently, I always take my computer, charger, down jacket, pajamas and compressed biscuits with me when I go out... No one knows if I will be isolated in a certain place one day." A Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce company said that in the face of the sudden epidemic at the end of the year, he had planned not to go home for the New Year this year.


According to media reports, it is predicted that,Stay in Shenzhen this yearShenzhenNew Year's citizens will reachMore than 18 million people, twice as many as last year.How many of them are engaged in cross-border e-commerce export? Cross border look at China, China look at Guangdong, Guangdong look at Shenzhen, Shenzhen customs data shows,In the first half of 2021, the value of cross-border e-commerce goods supervised by Shenzhen Customs exceeded 100 billion, which has exceeded the total amount of last year and continues to lead the country.Celestial eye inspection shows that,In 2021, China will have more than 600000 cross-border e-commerce related enterprises, among which a large number of cross-border e-commerce brands will be stationed in Shenzhen.


A large number of cross-border workers in Shenzhen have not decided whether to go home. They want to wait and see the latest trend of the epidemic before making plans,"I was scared to death when I saw that the epidemic situation in Shenzhen was hot again. I found that there was nothing new when I clicked in, and I felt comfortable instantly." It is reported that a large number of cross-border migrant workers in Shenzhen are paying close attention to the latest progress of the epidemic. "One year's expectation is to go home for the New Year". A freight forwarder working in Shenzhen said that although many of his peers are eager to go home, if they really have no conditions to go back, they will not go around in disorder.


I learned that in the face of the threat of domestic epidemic, many places have recently proposed"Do not return home unless necessary", or encourage "celebrating the New Year on the spot",At the same time, through subsidies, consumption vouchers and other meansPeople are relieved to celebrate the New Year.


40 day long holiday for cross-border e-commerce! A number of cross-border companies have taken holidays


What are the worries of cross-border people other than their inability to return home?


People who can't go home are looking forward to going home. People who can go home are thinking about how to deal with the kindness of seven aunts and eight aunts:


"What do you do?"


"What is cross-border e-commerce? What is Amazon? What is an independent station? What is Shopee?..."


"How much is the annual salary?"


"Have you bought a house outside? When do you plan to buy a house?"


In addition to career, life events are also the focus of their curiosity. No matter how many sellers, freight forwarders or service providers you are, how fast the logistics is, or how well the stores are operated, as long as you choose to go home for the New Year, all living beings are equal: those who have no object get a blind date, those who have an object are urged to marry, those who get married are urged to be born, and those who have a child are urged to have a second child……


The questions asked by relatives seem to be nothing new, but in fact, they are the goals of many people in their life. The question is: Is your career now thriving? Are you married and have children?


Maybe the answer of many people is "no". They often deny and doubt themselves. Why am I not only unsuccessful in my career, but also difficult to find a target?


It is understood that today's cross-border e-commerce industry,The post-90s and post-90s have obviously become the main force in operation. According to the prospectus released by Anke Innovation, the number of post-90s employees of Anke Innovation accounted for 49.68%, and from the perspective of education background, the number of people with bachelor's degree or above accounted for 85.98%. Therefore, at this time, the post-90s and post-90s generation will think more about their families and careers.


The issue of career and love, on the part of the cross-border e-commerce company's operating group, can be described in detail as "off order" and "off order" issues. Many people say that "off order" will be far behind if it is off order "?


How to sell orders? There are many factors contributing to this. In terms of the external environment, is there any improvement in cross-border e-commerce exports? The data explains everything. It is reported that,stayJanuary13th Ministry of CommerceliftAt the regular press conference, press spokesman Shu Jueting introduced that in recent years, China's new foreign trade business has developed vigorously and continued to innovate. Cross border e-commerceIt will grow nearly 10 times in five years, continue to maintain double-digit growth in 2021, and the scale of market procurement trade will grow 5 times in six years,In 2021, the export volume will hit a new historical high, with more than 1500 comprehensive foreign trade service enterprises and more than 2000 overseas warehousesThe bonded maintenance project of processing trade has been completed130, offshore trade has developed steadily, and new formats and models have become a new driving force to promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and high-quality development.


Customs statistics also show that,In 2021, China's cross-border e-commerce import and export will reach 1.98 trillion yuan, an increase of 15%,Including export1.44 trillion yuan, up 24.5%——With the global economic recovery still affected by the epidemic and frustrated to varying degrees, China's import and export scale still achieved sustained and rapid growth.


The above data shows that cross-border e-commerce exports are still showing a thriving scene.


In terms of internal conditions, the different abilities of individual operators also affect the sales of products."In the final analysis, a good Amazon operation requires meticulous work in every link. It is not the end of advertising every day. There are too many dimensions for a product to be analyzed, so it is necessary to master the accurate rhythm point, seize the opportunity, and summarize that a good link is the product of favorable weather, favorable location and harmonious people". Having said that, many Amazon operations are still troubled: I understand the truth, so how do I improve my ability?


From the perspective of multiple operators,The essence of operation is to brush,The year 2021 is rolling, and the year 2022 is expected to be smashedAs the black hat playing method is gradually blocked, more and more white hat players are playing. Everyone is on the way to smash advertisements. The era of making fast money is fading away, which means that it is difficult to get commissions. Their worries are growing day by day when their money has not improved with age.


"In my opinion, I have worked for many years, and my basic salary is 10k. In fact, I am barely able to live in Shenzhen. In addition, I am getting older, and my age anxiety is coming. I will not come to Shenzhen after the Spring Festival, so I consider starting my own business." A cross-border e-commerce operator has been thinking for a long time and intends to take the road of doing things alone.


It is reported that heAfter graduation in 2016, I just started to work in B2B for a year. I only got a basic salary of 1900 yuan a month, but I didn't get a commission. I wanted to settle down for a year, but no one brought me, no support, and nothing was learned. I came to Shenzhen in 2017 and contacted Amazon. The first company was a distribution company, and I paid 4000 yuan a month. After working for a year, I didn't learn anything. So I left and came to the current company. After nearly four years, Once again, he found that the company and himself had reached the bottleneck of development. Once again, he came to the fork of life. He decided to stop the journey of deep drifting and go it alone.


People who want to leave Shenzhen say,Shenzhen is really a city with a fast pace and much overtime, without too much taste of human life, which makes people unable to love and leave without any nostalgia!


In 2022, there will be many people who plan to do cross-border business alone, many people who plan to change careers, and many people who want to leave Shenzhen,Is there any soul left for cross-border e-commerce in Shenzhen?Going it alone is a narrow escape? Working nine to six has no future?These series of question marks fall on every cross-border person and have a tortuous and vivid answer.


Whether the past year has been successful or not, the good news is that the Spring Festival is coming. Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. Please pack up your mood and start again at the upcoming new time of life!





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