The selection trend in 2022 will become a hot seller in Thailand after the year!


Source: ennews

As the New Year is getting closer and closer, it will be a busy Spring Festival, and then the spring of the new year will begin. What kinds of products will become hot online in the coming year?


It is understood that the popular categories in Thailand after the year may include digital appliances, fashion, and various household FMCG products.


Among them, digital household appliances include mobile phone accessories, stereo, earphones, mobile phone cases and other products. In the epidemic environment, various small household appliances have also become popular products. For many families, hair dryers are essential; It is essential for fashion experts to blow all kinds of hairstyles;


Mini fridge, sweeping robotIt has also become a must for many young people living aloneThings.There are also various video and audio monitoring, especially for the feces shoveling officers who raise cats and dogs, the home monitoring can better monitor the whereabouts of their pets.


Fashion products have also been popular for a long time, among which clothing is a big categoryLazada reported that compared with other countries, Thai consumers prefer colorful clothes.


of course,TikTok is also becoming an important online shopping channel for consumers in Southeast Asia. The matching bag accessories are also very popular among Thai consumers. Next spring, clothing and accessories will set off a new wave of hot sales.


Home products will continue to sell after the year, including various storage appliances and push-pull carts that are very popular with beauty experts. The outbreak of the epidemic has also boosted the sales of home office products, especially computer desks, e-sports chairs and other products, which have become hot commodities for Thai workers.


Of course, toys are the most popular products on the Internet. In the new year, many Thai parents will buy new toys for their children as gifts,DIY building blocks, remote control cars, remote control flying and plush toys are all very popular toys for Thai consumers.


Moreover, all kinds of children's clothes and snacks related to infants and young children are also popular in the Thai market, becoming hot online products.

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