The global live streaming sales scale has surged by 280%! Sellers pay attention to new market trends


Author:Wang Dongjie
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For cross-border sellers, product selection is crucial. To succeed in the e-commerce field, the first step is to have products that meet the needs of buyers. The quality of product selection directly affects the subsequent sales revenue.


In the past two years, the epidemic has been an unavoidable topic for everyone, and for cross-border e-commerce sellers, it has also been greatly affected. TodayWeLet's talk about the situation under the pandemic2022 Selection Trends.


Firstly, the epidemic is spreadingThe impact of 2022 remains significant. At the beginning of the new year, the port congestion caused by the epidemic has caused many sellers and friends to complain incessantly. On the other hand, the epidemic has also brought new changes to the cross-border e-commerce industry.

According to foreign media reports,Catalyzed by the epidemic, Europe70% of consumers say they will purchase items during live streaming, and many well-known brands have also tasted great "sweetness" from it.

In the past three years,The scale of the global live streaming sales market has even skyrocketed280%.


And in theThe origin of "live broadcast with goods" in China, e-commerce live broadcast has already become the air outlet, and even the news that ByteDance will raise the goal of e-commerce GMV to 2 trillion yuan next year was reported not long ago.


But overseas,Live streaming sales are still in a stage of continuous expansion.

Just recently,Amazon has announced its global store openingSelection Trends for 2022It is also mentioned that:

Based on the increasing number of people watching live streaming,The influence of KOL's recommendations on users' daily consumer product choices is increasing:Color cosmetics and skin care products can be easily transformed, such as eye shadow and eyeliner (color cosmetics)Neck cream (skincare) and other popular products will become popular.


And as live streaming gradually becomes more populistPopularization,People are interested inThe demand for electronic products, wireless devices, furniture, home decoration and other equipment will also increase,Including background panels, tables and chairs, home decorations, etc.

In addition, AmazonThe selection trend for 2022 is alsodisplayThe epidemic has made overseas consumers pay more attention to the physical and mental health of themselves and their families.


It can be foreseen that,Health needs, sports and travel needs, social needs, personal interests related needs2022 remains strong. The demand for exercise and fitness will make yoga suits, cycling pants, and sports underwear popular products.

Meanwhile, overseas consumers hope to have some relaxation massages at home, such as in North America, eye massage machines, neck massage sticksSPA massage beds have become popular products.


The epidemic has also given consumers more time to spend with their families and enjoy small-scale family activities,The demand for home entertainment products, courtyard party decorations, and other courtyard items will increase.


In the post pandemic era, people hope to get out of the house and stay away from the steel forests of the city.The demand for camping products, including tents, camping tables and chairs, and sleeping bags, will continue to increase day by day.

At the same time, due to health and environmental needs, consumers may choose electric bicycles more, and the demand for related products may rise.


For personal interests and needs, Amazon providesThe forecast for hot selling products in 2022 is:Many consumers will be enthusiastic about customized and personalized products,DIY increase,For example, painting the walls yourself to change your mood, or adding accessories to the car, etc


Overall,Although the epidemic is far from over, the impact it has brought to our lives over the past two years will be reflected in all aspects. For cross-border e-commerce sellers, this is also a great opportunity and direction.

I have found a suitable selection direction, and the rest is stock preparation and operation. I want to make a profithave toMore, Provincialhave toMore?

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The global live streaming sales scale of B2B has surged by 280%! Sellers pay attention to new market trends


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The global live streaming sales scale of cross-border e-commerce platforms has surged by 280%! Sellers pay attention to new market trends


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