Fast fashion will usher in recovery in 2022, and e-commerce will become an important driver


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Fast fashion has experienced rough years, butstaylatelyGood news


althoughDue to supply chain problems,Some clothesbrand's wealthnewspaperPoor, but large fast fashion brands, such asH&M, Zara and Uniqlo are startingReturn to the pre epidemic level


last yearIn September, Inditex, Zara's parent company, said that its sales in the second quarter had exceededepidemic situationPrevious income, compared toIt will increase by 7% in 2019. In the followingthirdQuarter, and2019ContemporaneousIn comparison, at a fixed exchange rate,hisSales increased10%。


At the same time, Uniqlo's parent company sells fastreleaseHasThe first quarter of fiscal year 2022degreeFinancial StatementshisOverall revenue and profit are higher thanalltwo hundred and oneninePerformance in the same quarter of the yearThis is mainly due to the growth in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.


This is due toMany countriesThe reopening in 2021 means that more people need new clothes. But supportFast fashionAnother reason for sales growth isMany companiesE-commerce business ofAchieved growth


Although some retailers did not disclose how much of their sales came fromon-lineWith physical stores, but manyProfessionalspoint outOf these brandsOnline businessstayKeep accelerating.


Inditex said, "The online sales we saw last yearofpowerfulincreaseOf courseIt will continue in 2021. " Fast sellingalthoughThe e-commerce sales in this quarter were not specifically disclosed, but the North American digital sales increased in the previous quarter70%。 "In terms of e-commerce, we are accelerating to promote our main business by integrating online and physical stores"Fast sellingIn this latestFinancial StatementsIn.


Similarly,H&M last timeFinancial statements ofE-commerce sales were not announced in theIt was disclosed in July that e-commerce sales in the first six months of 2021 increased by 40% year on year.


In addition to the epidemic,Growing competition from startupsprobablyThe growth of e-commerce business of these enterprisesIt has played a certain role. For example,SHEINstayIn 2021, it will replace Amazon and become the most downloaded application in the United StatesAt the same time,H&MZaraUniqloEtcAPP downloads have also increased to varying degrees.

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