EBay predicts that in 2022, kitchen appliances will become popular, and air fryers will become favorites!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

With the development of science and technology, smart kitchen appliances are loved by many consumers.According to the analysis of sales data, eBay predicted several kitchen smart appliances that will be popular in 2022.


Air fryer and oven


Now more and more people pay attention to healthy diet, but do not want to give up the delicious fried food, so the air fryer just meets everyone's requirements; The oven is one of the indispensable kitchen appliances in European and American families.


Air fryers and ovens inIn 2019, the market size has reached 4 billion dollars. Under the epidemic situation, they have achieved rapid growth.stayOn the eBay platform, the GMV of Chinese sellers' air fryers has risen by more than 50% for two consecutive years, making them the proper "C" in kitchen appliances and a worthy favorite.


In the United States, Britain and Germany,Air fryers above 10L are more popular; In France, Italy and the West, the capacity of 3-10L is more appropriate. The capacity of the oven is generally larger, and the ones above 28L are generally popular.


EBay predicts that multifunctional and multi-mode high price air fryers and ovens will also attract consumers' attention in 2022.


Mixer, cook machine, juicer


For European and American consumers, they prefer to use automatic kitchen appliances to handle food materials.Therefore, food processing machines, such as mixers and juicers, which are subdivided according to food types, are also particularly popular.


according toAccording to eBay, by 2021, the market size of cook machines and mixers has reached 3 billion dollars. Among them, according to the research organizationMaket WatchofIt is predicted that the market scale of the juicer will reachIt will reach 2.3 billion dollars in 2026. On the eBay platform, the GMV of the chef machine will also increase by nearly 50% in 2021.


eBay pointed out that different countries have different requirements for such appliances.German consumers prefer stainless steel machines with large capacity, while French, Italian and Spanish consumers prefer machines with retro colors and relatively small capacity.


Coffee machine


Compared with China, European and American consumers demand more coffee, which is a daily drink. Therefore, the sales of coffee machines and other products in Europe and the United States have been very considerable.


stayOn the eBay platform, popular coffee machines mainly include automatic/semi-automatic, capsule, American drip filter and coffee grinder.


Mini fridge


In foreign countries, there is a great demand for cold drinks and ice cubes. However, the transportation of general household large refrigerators is a big problem for cross-border sellers. The mini refrigerator is good"Substitutes",amongEBay category managers recommend mini refrigerators, car refrigerators and other sub categories.


In addition, the impact of epidemic situation and climate in the past two years and consumers' desire for outdoors have boosted the sales of car mounted refrigerators and mini refrigerators. Generally, the capacity of mini refrigerators is60L is most suitable; In addition, beauty refrigerators for young female customers are also a category that sellers can consider, with a general capacity of about 10L.


EBay suggests that the key markets for mini refrigerators are mainly Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Australia. Sellers can pay attention to them.


In recent years, the sales of kitchen appliances have maintained an optimistic growth trend. With the impact of the epidemic, people choose to cook at home to pass the boring time. Sellers in relevant fields can appropriately adjust their selection and sales direction according to the trend forecast.


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