Amazon favors private brands? The ranking of search results is very tricky


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

According to the research organizationA survey by The Markup found that even if third-party sellers have higher product ratings and sales, Amazon will usually translate its own brand products and platformssolesaleThe product ranks ahead of third-party sellers.


For example,The MarkupJustDiscover that AmazonPrivate labelCereals rank first in search results,The product's score is4-star,oneMore than 1000Comments,And there are many people behind this product who haveFive star products with tens of thousands of comments;Exclusive to AmazonsaleA vacuum cleaner ofbrandTop of the list,sameHigher than the scorecommentamountmoreOther products.


A former Amazon employee toldThe Markup, which used to, push it toIn Search RankingThe front row ofThis practice has stopped.


By providingBetter rankingAmazon has made a significant improvement in sales. According to another former Amazon employee, the top three search resultsName canget64% of hitsamount


There are organizationsIn 2021, we analyzed the search results of 3492 popular products on Amazon, and studied the rules of Amazon's home page search results. The results showed that Amazon sold 60% of its home page search results to advertisers and added tags to indicate that these products were paid advertising spaces. At the same time, Amazon has allocated 20% of its positions to its own brands and exclusive sales brands, and third-party sellers also occupy 20% of its positions.


However, it should be noted that Amazon's proprietary brands and exclusive sales brands only account for6%, and the number of third-party sellers accounted for 77% of the total sample. This seemingly fair distribution model is actually not fair.


There is no doubt about the importance of search rankings for sales. In order to obtain higher exposure and better rankings, sellers must pay more advertising fees to Amazon.


It is understood that Amazon is the third largest online advertiser in the United States, behind Google andFacebook, and it's growing fast. Amazon's financial report shows that the "other" revenue of the company "mainly including the sales of advertising services" increased by 52% in 2020, reaching $21.4 billion.

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