Learning Express, a toy retailer, took advantage of the trend of "Tik Tok" and its sales soared by 145%


Author:Liu Mengyuan
Source: ennews

When it comes to Learning Express, you may feel a little strange, but when it comes to Pop Its, Squishmallow plush toys, fingertip gyros and other toys that are popular in the market, almost every Amazon seller knows about these popular toy products. It is reported that these popular toys are the products of the toy retail store.


Learning Express Megan Thompson, the marketing manager of, said that although these three toys are very popular, their popularity in 2020 and 2021 is unprecedented - as can be seen from the video of children sharing hot items in TikTok app.


Thompson said that since the beginning of the epidemic, the TikTok trend has played an indispensable role in the growth of Learning Express. However, the toy retailer did not track that the visit to its website was directly caused by TikTok's traffic, nor did it track how TikTok directly affected its online sales.



It is reported that compared with the huge growth in 2020, the online sales of Learning Express will increase by 25% in 2021, and the online sales of toy chain stores will increase by 233% compared with 2019. In addition, total sales increased by 145% compared with 2020 and 86% compared with 2019 before the pandemic.


As for product inventory, Learning Express also ordered the inventory earlier than usual in 2021. Thompson said that Learning Express had already ordered inventory in June 2021, which would allow them enough time to ship holiday orders.

Thompson said that once the inventory arrived and there was free time, its stores began to promote available inventory on TikTok, so that the popularity of its franchise videos in 2020 would continue to 2021.


Thompson said that she was glad to see how TikTok would develop, making it easier for audiences to directly shop in applications by clicking on tag products on other social platforms such as Instagram. "We are still waiting for TikTok to launch an interactive shopping advertising experience to all retailer accounts," she said.


As children share popular toys on TikTok and the epidemic has contributed to the power of social media, online sales have grown tremendously. At the same time, Learning Express, a toy retail chain, is also taking advantage of the situation and paying close attention to the next large social platform opportunity.

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