The market scale reaches 100 billion dollars! Intelligent door lock, monitoring and other security equipment have great potential


Source: ennews

At present, people's security awareness is constantly enhanced. The social burglary and robbery reported by various news media has stimulated people's security awareness. In particular, there are more and more young people living alone in cities. Driven by safety and convenience, people begin to use security devices such as smart door locks.


The data shows that the users of intelligent door lock mainly useYoung people aged 25-40 are the main group. Consumers of this age group are more able to accept new things in a short time, and will also actively pursue a more scientific and quality life.


It can also be seen from daily life that more and more relatives and friends or neighbors have started to use smart door locks, including password or fingerprint door locks, and even homestays for traveling and living have started to use them conveniently and safelyAPP door lock.


This intelligent security system has a large market in the world. It is understood thatIn 2018, the global security market reached 275.8 billion dollars.


From the perspective of global market, the market scale of security equipment in Southeast Asia and Latin America still has a large development space. Relatively speaking, the market penetration rate of security equipment in Europe and America is high, reaching50%, and compared with other regions, the market demand of security industry in Europe and America is more mature.


China's security market is also closeIt has developed rapidly in the past 10 years, with a market scale of about US $1100 billion. Data shows that in 2020, the sales volume of smart door locks in China will be 16.4 million sets, with a year-on-year growth rate of 17%.


With the change of consumer demand, the intelligent door lock industry is shifting from extensive and simple competition to multi-dimensional, comprehensive and refined development mode of brand, product, quality, service, channel, etc.


The security system is not only an intelligent door lock, but also a variety of monitoring devices are popular in many markets. People usually choose to install them at home after buying them, so that they can know the safety and dynamics of the elderly or pets at home when they work. At present, this series of security devices has great market potential in many countries, especially Southeast Asia and other countries.

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