Amazon and Flipkart almost monopolize the Indian e-commerce advertising market


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

The growing popularity of online shoppingtoAmazon andFlipkart and other e-commerce giants are a shot in the armThese two flatsplatformStrong revenueWhile growingIt is also important for brand and marketing personnel to contact customerschannel


According to the commercialmechanismToflerdatadisplay2021Amazon andFlipkart's online marketing department, revenue from advertisingPresentedSubstantial growth. The two companiesFY21Obtained394.02 billion rupees in advertising revenue, whilestaytwentyAdvertising revenue in FY20by264.58 billion rupees.


byMarch 31, 2021Within one year ofAmazon Seller Services from other market related servicesObtained in's income jumped to255.42 billion rupees compared to the previous financial yearonlyby16.37 billion rupeesThese andOther market related servicesbeMainly including advertisementbusiness


Flipkart Internet's advertising service revenuealsofromFY2020one hundred and thirty-eight point sixOne hundred million rupees climbed totwentyFY21one thousand and eight point eightRs. 100 millionhisadvertisementbusinessIncome ofbeBased on the number of clicks orexposureNumber of times confirmed.


Haresh Tibrewala, co CEO of Mirum India, said that the overall advertising expenditure on e-commerce platforms was about 50 billion rupees,onlyAmazon andFlipkartIt will occupynear40 billion rupees.andIndiaGeneralnumberAdvertising expenditureAboutThe e-commerce advertising market accounts for about 15% of the 200 billion rupees.


fromFlipkart and Amazon dataLook, the entire e-commerce marketAdvertising spending accounts for digital channelsmediatotalExpendable20-25%90% of e-commerce advertising expenditureToFlipkart and Amazon.


In this regard,Vivek Bhargava, Co Founder of ProfitWheelexpress, Amazon andFlipkart is advertisingBusinessInvestment has two benefitsIts enterprise is ensuring its ownCan get moremanyIncome and commissionAt the same time,Can helpPlatform sellerObtainedhave toMore exposureopportunityIncrease sales


Bhargava furtherspeak of, for FMCGindustryFor example, advertising on e-commerce platform has become a kind of sales costsellerThe budget can be greatly increased because it is the cost of sales rather than advertising expenditure.


BhargavastillPoint out that Amazon's advertising revenueofThe growth rate is much faster than that of Google andFacebookAmazonorIt will become the third largest player in the digital advertising market in India and the world. In the long runofFrom the perspective of advertising,AmazonWill be Google andFacebook'spowerfulchallenger.

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