2021 Italian online sales report, individual clothing category search volume exceeds 200%!


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

Idealo yesEurope's leading international price comparison portalThis website is based on the pastThe 12 month Italian online trend and preference analysis, as well as the most desired product and price trends, summarized the Italian e-commerce annual report.


Influenced by various factors, ItalyE-commerce will flourish in 2020, and consumers' research and interest in online purchase will increase by 99%.From the perspective of growth rate,2021 will be the year when they return to normal.


In 2021, the purchase intention of Italian consumers will decline slightly compared with that in 2020, but compared with that before the outbreak in 2019, the interest in online shopping will increase by 68%, and the growth rate is within the normal range.


In 2020, the interest in family fitness products among Italian online shopping categories increased by 96%.And inIn 2021, electronic products and clothing related goods will become the "leading role" of Italian online shopping again, accounting for more than two thirds of the total purchase intention.Of which, electronic products account for47%, sports and outdoor products 10%, fashion and accessories 10%.


And smartphones areThe most popular online product by far in 2021,Even due to chip shortage and other reasons, the price increase of mobile phones has exceeded10%, but it can't resist the enthusiasm of consumers.


According to the investigationAmong 100 online users, 7 online shoppers used price filters to purchase smartphones when searching. Almost half of them set the price between 100 and 300 euros. The focus is on models that are less than two years old.


In fact, the price of new smart phones fell on average three months after the launch5%. After 6-7 months, the price drops by 10% on average, reaching the most favorable price.Therefore, Italian consumers who want to buy new smart phones will also have a clear understanding of the types and features of products they need.


In addition, in terms of clothing, there was a boom in sexy underwear last year, and the search volume exceeded200%。In addition, people's interest in work clothes and accessories has increased, and the search volume of safety shoes has exceeded200%, and the search volume of work clothes like cutting resistant or high visibility jackets and gloves increased by 113%. Consumers also showed great interest in sportswear. The search volume of fitness clothes, cycling pants, running clothes and football clothes increased by 94%, 84%, 78% and 76% respectively.


In terms of household appliances, the product that Italians can save most through online purchase last year is vacuum cleaner, and the online price has dropped on average39%, which also drives a lot of sales.


according toFrom the 2021 summary report, the seller can predict the products that may sell well this year. While continuing the sales boom last year, the seller can also make preparations in advance.

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