Six popular trends of pet clothing in winter, fashion and retro become the key!


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Recently, the US pet e-commerceChewy released six popular pet dog coat elements in winter on its platform, covering the current seasonPopular colors, styles, fabrics andDecoration, etc.


In popular colorsPrimary colorDominantRed, yellow and blue inThe year 2021 was welcomed.ChewyThese colors are combined with traditional knitwear and geometric patterns such as stripes to increase the attractiveness of the product. In addition to the primary color,Animal printIt was also one of the popular trends last year. Sports hoodies and warm coats with animal prints are also favored by consumers.


In terms of clothing material, the fashion of retro style makescorduroyProduct regression. Corduroy is AmericanThe main popular elements in the 1970s, combined with other decorative elements, made the pet coat full of fashion.

 Six popular trends of winter pet clothing on e-commerce platform, fashion and retro become the key!

Pictures fromChewy official website

In terms of workmanship and materials,Chewy realized thatWith the change of consumers' consumption concept,SustainabilityBecome particularly important, product consumables, whether environmental protection has become one of the selling points that consumers value.


Chewy said that theyWhile using natural resources, it also minimizes the negative impact on the environment.Chewy also advises consumers to buy as much as possibleKnitwear and outerwear made of recycled materials can reduce resource waste.


In addition to the above trends, gold, copper and silverMetallicas well asAcademic styleIt is also one of the popular elements of the season.Chewy means that ifIf pet owners want to dress their dogs differently, they can choose to wear overcoats, cardigans, pearl and tartan dog coats.


fromFrom the popular elements released by chewy and the suggestions on the wearing of pet dogs, pet products, especially pet clothes, are keeping up with the trend of the times, which also shows that pet ownersPay more and more attention to the fashion and classic of products。 Therefore, the sellers of pet products can pay more attention to relevant trends and strengthen product innovation.


As the leading pet e-commerce platform in the United StatesChewy has always been popular with consumers. In the third quarter of 2021, the net sales of the brand will be 2.21 billion dollars, an increase of 24.1% year on year. Its fourth quarter and annual performance is expected to usher in new growth.

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