In the post epidemic era, how can small household appliances re launch the wave of going to sea?


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Globalepidemic situationofBurst,LocalEpidemic prevention policy makes people stay at home for a long timeLife and work, simultaneouslyalsoIt has driven the sales of small household appliances, including small electric cookers,Baking machine, coffee machineSales volume of other products


Data shows that,In 2020, A-share Xinbao will go to sea relying on small household appliancescreateHasOperating income of RMB 10.174 billionXiaoxiong Electrical AppliancestayOverseas in 2020ofOperating income reachesreach209 million yuan; andCovosstayIn 2020, the operating income contributed from overseas will reach RMB 3.379 billion, accounting for 46.71%.


However, the global epidemicalreadycontinuedHasIn the past two years,partmarketyes , we haveBasically saturated,PluspeopleIn the context of epidemic situationConsumption is more rational,The products that only rely on the appearance of the products can not meet the needs of current consumers. How aboutCan be found in such a market environmentflowWhere's the tuyere?


It is understood thatsmall home appliancesproductclassspeciesPopular categoryIncluding cleaning appliances, kitchen appliances, and various entertainment equipment.


andIn cleaning household appliances, like sweeping robotVacuum cleaner, water purifier and air purifierAnd other productsDeveloping countries still have large market spaceEspecially in the epidemic environment, people have more cautious requirements for the cleanliness and safety of life.


according toAccording to the data of meltwater, during the 11 years from December 2020 to 2021, the total number of mentions of clean appliances in overseas social media reached 3680,amongDiscussion on clean electrical appliances in North America and Southeast AsiaHighest heat


aboutKitchen appliancesSay, Traditional kitchen appliancesBasic marketHas reached saturation, butGlobalUnder the leadership of the social platform,The culture of health preservation has become popular among young people, followed bySteaming pot, health potThe market demand for products such as


stayEntertainment appliancesin, except3C product, projectorBasically become contemporaryyoung peopleveryloveHome Devices forSimultaneity imageVR games and other products full of electronic technology also have strong market demand.


With the continuous development of social media,imageTikTokSuch a social platform with a global audience,It has also become an important way for people to shop online, and people often brush videosMedium,Be planted with grassvariousThe product is easy to use, and the atmosphere created in the video is betterinspireThe purchase desire of the audience.

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