Working part-time on Amazon for $200W a year? Worker: Tears of envy shed


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The new year has begun, and after tasting the ups and downs, the ideal life of cross-border people has gradually become more fulfilling. "I want to make money, I want to become wealthy..." But while cross-border people are imagining their ideal life, some have seized the opportunity and achieved wealth through practical actions. A 16-year-old high school student worked part-time on Amazon and earned 2 million US dollars.


Part time Amazon earns $2 millionSeller: My Ideal Life


After experiencing the multiple storms of the epidemic, account lockdowns, and profits falling short of advertising expenses, cross-border people have gained a new perspective on their ideal life.


I want to make money, I want to become wealthy, I want to sleep until I wake up naturally, I need to count money until my hands cramp... "This is not just cross-border people, it should be the ideal life imagined by most migrant workers.


In the cross-border circle, many people imagine having a share of money, less work, and being close to home, with high positions and light responsibilities; Be able to sleep until you wake up naturally, count money until you have cramps in your hands; At the end of each year, work with additional bonuses. Of course, if there is one additional point: instead of working overtime, you can get a raise, and you can still earn a salary for your part-time job, then it would be great.


However, often the ideal is full, and the reality is bony. Many migrant workers are still in the stage of imagining their ideal life and struggling with their salary.


Working part-time on an e-commerce platform and selling for $200W per year on Amazon? Worker: Tears of envy shed


Nowadays, the post-00s have broken the deadlock of imaginative ideals and have taken practical actions to seize the cross-border e-commerce market.


As a 16-year-old American high school student, Hayden has a strong interest in the Amazon marketafter, has chosen to enter and has a small presence on AmazonAchievements. It is understood that,During 2020, Hayden sold products worth over $1.7 million on Amazon.In addition, Hayden also resells popular products through platforms such as Facebook and Marketplace, with a resale value of up to $2 million.


According to incomplete statistics, Hayden's revenue and profit during the epidemic period were close to $110000.And Hayden's ability to achieve such great results is not without a reason.


As early as fifth grade, Hayden attempted to sell toys on eBay and was adept at using market demand to adjust product prices, thereby creating huge profits for himself.Under normal circumstances, the retail price of Hayden's products is often twice the normal price; In the context of a surge in product demand and tight platform supply, its product premium can even reach as high as 400%.


It has to be said that migrant workers still have a bright future. They can earn millions by doing a side job at a young age, which many migrant workers envy,They expressed that 'tears of envy and jealousy have flowed down, which is my ideal state of life', whileAlso considering whether to join Amazon's part-time team?


There are even commodity developers who earn ten thousand yuan a month. They say that their work is too idle and they have no girlfriend. They want to be a website to pass the time. Most people work part-time to make money, but this seller is actually bored.


But as things stand, noFew sellersI am urging this seller to think twice and never lose all the money earned from their main business to their subsidiary business. After all, in the cross-border market, a newborn seller who is not afraid of tigers is an example of bankruptcyEverywhere


Zero Past Achievements! Amazon seller: What should we do in 2022?


In the pasttwo thousand and twenty-oneYear,The voice of "Amazon is becoming more and more difficult to do" in the industry keeps rising. Although different sellers have different experiences, it can be summed up without the impact of epidemic, port congestion, freight rise, inventory restrictions, internal volume and platform policy tightening.


Last year, we were able to achieve monthly sales of several hundred thousand dollarsalreadyIt's really tough, most of the products that can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars a month are basically supported by old links from the past two years. "Seeing the difficulties faced by their peers, an Amazon seller said,In 2021, even if you hear that a certain seller has made money, the first thing is not to sigh and envy, but to ask how much net profit there is.


While roast that they can't do it, they gritted their teeth and persisted for another year, which is a true portrayal of most Amazon sellers. But while many old sellers are pouring out their bitterness, there are still a large number of new sellers entering Amazon.According to research data from SellerApp, as of the end of last year, more than 570000 new sellers had entered Amazon's US website alone.


Compared to the few people who made money last year, more and more people have lost money to some extent, entering the game at 570000 yuanpeopleThere can be 70000 people making moneypeopleIt's not bad, isn't it good to keep the capital and work in other industries A seller joked.


Do you sell $200W per year as a part-time job on Amazon for overseas information? Worker: Tears of envy shed


choicetwo thousand and twenty-twoThe probability of entering cross-border e-commerce in the year is mainly divided into two types. A certain industry insider believes that one type is to switch jobs from the original company and work alone, feeling that the bones are exquisiteindividualA martial arts genius,butPreviously, it was only in the original company that I couldn't fully utilize itNo place to apply skills; The second type is engaged in foreign trade, seeing thatIn the industrySome people are making money and believe that they are only one step away from making money,In a short period of timeFeel free to recruit an operatorthenHurry into the game.


reviewtwo thousand and twenty-oneyear,The cross-border industry seems to have pressed the fast forward button, and what happens within the industrysomeThe changes have been accelerated, and after experiencing the frenzy of 2021, it seems that both new and old sellers will find themselves in the new yearAll willMore rational.


For example, the emergence of the epidemic in 2020 brought new opportunities to a group of sellers, and many sellers who seized these opportunities tasted the sweetness. Based on this approach and previous examples, some sellers will focus on the development in 2022directionPut it inkeywordOn. A seller with 5 years of operational experience admitted that,Following the previous approach, the products corresponding to the keywords with soaring popularity are worth a try;Secondly, as competition intensifies,It is also important to be more cautious when making precision shops. The most common problem is that the storage capacity is affected, so when selecting products, it is necessary to add precision and precision, as the sales volume of individual products is highYesOnly then can there be a rush.


In addition, the 2021 Amazon platform's order grabbing campaign has also caused panic among sellers and made more small and medium-sized sellers realize that trying different categories, gameplay, modes, and platforms can no longer be just talk. More than one place has meat, changing places may make the meat more fragrant, "said an Amazon seller.


Although the number of new entrants is increasing, there are still many sellers who have good expectations for 2022 overall. No matter how the industry changes, the success or failure of the past year has been geometric, and all achievements have returned to zero. For every seller, a new year and new challenges have arrived. Even if the battlefield is unpredictable, it is necessary to maintain one's original intention, innovation, and desire to "fight". After going through the waves of sand, strive to become shining gold.

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