Amazon opened its first offline clothing store


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

The companyJanuary 20thAnnounced that the firstThe Amazon Style store will open later this year.


The store will sell men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories from well-known and emerging brands."You'll find everything from $10 basic to designer jeans to $400 classic," said Simoina Vasen, managing director of Amazon Styleexpress"We want to meetDifferentBudget and price levelConsumers of


UpcomingThe new store marks Amazon's latest attempt at physical retail. The company2015JuststartquietlyGet involved in physical retail,andstayIn 2017, it acquired Whole Foods, a high-end grocer, and entered the field of physical retail with US $13.7 billion. from that time on,AmazonMany other forms have been introduced, including convenience storesandChain supermarkets.


It is understood that,Amazon has been increasing its share of clothing sales for many years.Although Amazon did not disclose its clothing sales in the financial statementstwo thousand and twenty-oneyearIn March, Wells Fargo said that Amazon surpassed Wal MartBecome the largest clothing retailer in the United States, and estimate that Amazon's clothing and footwear sales in the United StatesIt will increase by about 15% to more than 41 billion US dollars in 2020.


By openingOffline entityShops, Amazon can attract those who would notChoose to purchase on Amazon platformApparelconsumptionThe.


Like other physical retail concepts of Amazon,Amazon Style Store tries to integrate the company's online and offline shopping experience. Amazon said that it hopes to solve some pain points in traditional retail stores, such as fitting rooms, while reducingSpace occupancy


When shoppers enter the store, they will see"Display goods", in which there is only one specific product size and color. Login to Amazon on your smartphoneAPPLater, theysureScan the QR code on the product to view other sizes, colors, product ratings and other information, such as personalized recommendations for similar products.


"This allows us to provide more choices without the need for customers to sift through the shelves to find the right color, size and fit”Vasen said.


After scanning the QR code on the product, shoppers can clickAPPButton in the to add items to the fitting room or send them to the pickup counter. In the fitting room, Amazon has added touch screen displays, which can be used by shoppers to score goods or request that goods of different styles or sizes be sent to the fitting room.


Consumers can choose clothesIn the fitting roomIn the "safe closet", unlock after the clerk delivers the clothes. The company says this allows customers to continue shopping without leaving the fitting room and looking for employees.

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