A large area of mountain fire broke out in California, USA, and logistics and transportation may be delayed!


Source: ennews

According to foreign media, local timeOn the 21st, a large-scale mountain fire broke out in Greater Sur along the coast of California. Up to now, the burning area of the mountain fire has exceeded 6.07 million square meters. Local firefighters have put out the fire, but the fire is only controlled by about 25%. The local residents have been evacuated successfully,No casualties at present


It is understood that the mountain fireOn the evening of the 21st, the fire appeared in a steep valley in Colorado,Affected by terrain and wind,at presentconflagrationIs running at aboutThe speed of 80 kilometers spread to the seaside.


Local famous scenic spots"Park 1"SectionHas been forced to shut down due to the fireThe opening time has not been determined yet. With the spread of mountain firebe on the cardsAffected.


For sellers with recent shipments, please pay attention to the situation of mountain fires in California, the United States. This disaster may affect the efficiency of parcel distribution in California, the United States. I hereby remind American sellers that if transportation is affected, pleaseContact the buyer in time,patienceExplain the situation.


Not long ago, there was a large-scale snowstorm in the southeast of the United States,It also has a great impact on local logistics distribution,NowAnother outbreak in CaliforniawildfireDuring the year, extreme disasters occurred frequently, which was difficult to control. The local people were affected at the same time, they also affected the seller's attention.


The change of the global climate has caused frequent extreme weather. In the past two years, the United States has been plagued by disasters, from the rare cold wave last winter to the hot and hot summer this year, accompanied by strong tropical storms, hurricanes, andBurst frequentlyHuman beings are facing severe natural challenges from the spread of wildfires.


In 2021, severe extreme natural disasters, such as high temperature, flood, mountain fire and hurricane, will break out in many places around the world. In addition to the repeated outbreak of the COVID-19, the pressure on human survival will be greatly increased, and cross-border sellersEncounteredproblemIt is also emerging in endlessly.

For the logistics delay caused by the California wildfire disaster, please pay attention to it and explain the reason to the buyer in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

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