The competition between Amazon and Wal Mart intensifies, and the number of new warehouses increases sharply


Author:Wang Meirong
Source: ennews

Under the influence of supply chain problems, whether goods can be delivered on time has become a headache for both parties. As a result, the US marketAmazon, Wal Mart and other large e-commerce platforms have increasedBackend competition, increase the number of warehousesTo increase the speed of distribution service and the amount of warehousing is also to win a better reputation among consumers,


Amazon, which has always ranked first in the e-commerce market, has greatly expanded its distribution network in the past decade, built many warehouses in places with large populations, and increased the speed of online order delivery. Amazon's main competitors, Wal Mart, Home DepotTarget and Wayfair have opened new distribution centers.


according toAccording to the new analysis of BigRentz Inc., Amazon currently operates 1137 fulfillment centers in the United States, including about 305 large fulfillment centers.reachIn 2023, Amazon will have at least 355 warehouses in the United StatesIts distribution centers are mostly located near the largest population center in the United States.


With many advantagesAmazon has obvious advantages over its competitors in terms of the number of operation centers and e-commerce warehouses.


Data display,Wal-MartOperates in the United States198 distribution centers of various types,among29 dedicated to online orders。 Wal Mart's plan will be renewed10, of which 6 will be dedicated to e-commerce.TargetRunning49 US warehouses,among7 for e-commerceHome DepotCurrently operating in the United States130 distribution centers,among10 dedicated to e-commerce


Although Wal Mart, Home Depot and many other retailers are trying to catch up with Amazon, Amazon is still in a leading position in terms of seller occupancy rate, buyer selection, back-end distribution and other aspects.


The major e-commerce platforms in the United States increase the number of warehouses, not only to speed up the delivery of goods, but also to increase the warehousing volume. In the peak season every year, many sellers will be troubled by the difficulty in warehousing caused by warehouse explosion, and increasing the number of warehouses may alleviate this problem to some extent.

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