How to attract shoppers of Generation Z? Focus on these three aspects


Author:Wu Shuai
Source: ennews

Generation ZIs a shareImportant consumption powerAccording to McKinsey,Number of Generation ZOf global consumers40%In 2020, only in the United StatesGeneration ZJustOwn aboutThe consumption capacity is 150 billion dollars.


E-commerce mediaCharged RetailIt is believed that,The brand can bethreeWin in three waysThe favor of Generation Z:




Euclid According to a report by Analytics, Generation Z is more eager for personalization than any other groupproduct, when the brand provides morehavePersonalizedshoppingWhen experiencing,80% of consumers are more likely to buy. According to Deep In Dive's research, 75% of Gen Z shoppers said that if they can customize the product, they are more likely to buy it.


stayinternetGrowing up in the world has undoubtedly shapedGeneration Z's attitude towards personalization, theyGet used to sharing personal information, andHope to get a shopping experience tailored to personal needs


PriorityInstagram and Tik Tok


Retailers infollowGeneration Z consumers shouldFocusTheir social platform.


according toAccording to a survey by Piper Jaffray, Instagram is still an influential channel. 33% of Gen Z people prefer Instagram, 20% on Twitter and 15% on Facebook.


Marketing platformTraackr said,"Emerging brands are expected to achieve the greatest success through InstagramConsumers are more likelyBuy a newly discovered brand on the app.


TikTok'sThe influence is also rising2021The video platform andShopify cooperates to pilot TikTok in the United States, Britain and Canada Shopping。 Considering Tik Tok 60% of the audience is Generation Z, whichIt will also be an important e-commerce platform


Abandonment of genderclassification


Andsomeone elsecomparison,Generation Z has a more flexible view of gender. Half of Gen Z thinkwithGenderClassify goodsThese values are outdated and reflected in their shopping habits.


according toAccording to a study by UNiDAYS, 79% of Generation Z buy clothes for the opposite sexMeetingWithout hesitation23% believe that retailers use gender centric traditionsclassificationNot only outdated, but also offensive


In addition,56% of people do not actively follow the fashion trend, but most people prefer clothes that can make them feel confident, and 87% say they think it is best to wear "appropriate" clothes.

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