Divert! FedEx self charters to deal with supply chain problems


Author:Zheng Yang
Source: ennews

According to foreign media,FedEx LogisticscompanyCongestion ofDiversion planIsadvanceMedium, three shipssinceThe first of the charters will deliver53 feetLongContainertoArrived at the end of January at the Port of Wynemy, California.


FedEx Logistics SpokespersonChristina Meek saidThese rentedVessel can accommodate300 53 foot containersThese containers come from Humen Port in China,InsideEquipped with electronic products, automobileparts, clothing and general merchandiseetc.EventuallyinvestmentFedEx Freight's intermodal network in Southern California.


In the past,FedEx hasDelivered in empty containersThese containersbutbecauseshippertryAvoiding Port Congestion in San Pedro BayDemandFedExStart sellingCapacity of these containers


It is understood that,FedEx LogisticsCongestion diversion plan selectionYesLess than Los Angeles and Long Beach100 milemilitaryPortWynemy PortwithEnsure import goodsNo deviationFocus on the supply chain business in Southern California.


FedExrentofshipsWill dockstayThe wharf of the naval base in Ventura County, according to the United States Navy andHueneme When naval activities are not frequent,Ships canCommercial operation is carried out at the dock of the base.


CEO of FedEx LogisticsUdo LangeSaid that the shipper can shorten the distance between ports by choosing a detour rather than directly transporting the goods to the port of San Pedro BayThe transit time is about 20 days.


Langemention,Los AngelesharborTo some extent, it can be regarded as theheart, NowSupply chainThe artery is blocked,Blood cannot be pumpedcome outneedadopt"Operation" to help bloodagaincirculation


FedExCongestion diversion planIs relevantenterpriseInnovation to solve the backlog of goods on the west coastA moveDriven by relevant factorsAutomobile and fresh agricultural productsImportedWynemy PortNovemberOfImportamountYear on year growthHas13%


For this event,President of Oxnard PortJason HodgeIt also means thatGlad to be able toCooperate with FedEx Logistics,make concerted effortsResponding to the supply chainChallenge,seekSolution,withKeep necessities running.

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