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United States《Copyright Extension Act》According to regulations, when a work isWhen it comes to 'works for employment', this law will protect the copyright of the company for 95 years from the date of initial publication or 120 years from the date of creation, whichever ends earlier.


The Winnie the Pooh storybook was published in 1926. The book has been published for over 95 years now.That is to say, since


hisAdapt into a new project or creative work.




In the past, the editor has reported many copyright protection cases, and many sellers are willing to take risks to create othersDerivatives of IP. In this situation, the seller either continues to "hide from the sky and cross the sea" in a state of anxiety; Otherwise, it will be included in the infringement list and the funds will be frozen.


For sellers, today's big


But it should be noted that this'Open' only applies to the first storybook.stay Therefore, Disney still owns the copyright of works and characters created after 1926, including Tigger, which first appeared in 1928.


Sellers who want to obtain these images also need to obtain authorization from Disney.


Two years later,The copyright protection for the earliest version of the Mickey Mouse "Willy Steamship" that appeared in 1928 will also expire.

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