False comments are repeatedly prohibited, and sellers may be subject to stricter supervision


Author:Wang Dongjie
Source: ennews

It is a common practice for domestic e-commerce sellers to swipe single reviews, which has also become an operational practice due to lax supervision of domestic platformsBasic operation. However, it is not applicable abroad. Amazon and other platforms severely crack down on false comments, and the government will also issue relevant policies for strict supervision. Therefore, it is not uncommon for sellers to be blocked.


Under the supervision, this kind of behavior is still prohibited repeatedly.


European Commission and Consumer Protection Cooperation Organization(CPC)It is an agency responsible for EU consumer protection lawThe online consumer review websites were screened.According to the survey results,Nearly two-thirds of online stores and platforms have raised doubts about the reliability of consumer reviews。 CheckedOut of 223 websites, 144 cannot ensure the true commentsAnd provide relevant information to prevent false comments


Under investigationOf 223 websites,At least104 websites didn't tellconsumerHow are comments collected and processed? Only84 websites mentioned this information on the comment page itself, while other websites mentioned it in small font in their legal terms and conditions.It turns out that,"More than half of the websites do not provide information on preventing false comments."


The final result shows that,55% of websites inspectedAnd platformViolation of unfair business practicesinstructionsThe directive requires websites to provide consumers with authentic information to ensure that they make informed decisions.


The European Commission said that the national authorities would take the next step, and the authorities would contact relevant merchants to rectify their websites. If necessary, they will also initiate law enforcement actions in accordance with national procedures.estimatethis yearFrom May 28, legislation will be implemented to prohibit the sale, purchase and submission of false consumer comments to promote products.


According to a survey by NTS,About56% of consumersUse comments as a determining factor in purchasing a product or service,Five star rated products will be more affordable,This leads to the sellerThe phenomenon of "brush review".


For the behavior of brushing and commenting,Many sellers saidIt's helplessNowadays, the competition is so fierce that it is difficult to break through the tight encirclement just by making products in obscurity.However, under the severe attack of the platform, the seller should be cautious.

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