Malaysia sellers up 130%! Amazon provides more help for merchants


Author:Zeng Xuening
Source: ennews

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has grown rapidly, and more and more sellers choose Southeast Asia"Stationary point".According to the data of Amazon's global sales, the number of Malaysian sellers cooperating with Amazon in cross-border e-commerce business last year increased year on yearMore than 130%!


Sellers in Malaysia also achieved outstanding sales results.According to the research companyAlphaBetaofLatest research,In 2021, the cross-border e-commerce sales of Malaysian sellers will reach RM16.76 billion, about USD 4 billion.AlphaBetaIt is predicted that if SMEs continue to accelerate the pace of using e-commerce exports, this figure willIn 2026, it is expected to reach RM38.6 billion, about USD 9.2 billion.


Recently, Amazon said that it would continue to provide Malaysian enterprises with the necessary technology, skills and tools to help sellers seize the booming cross-border e-commerce opportunities.These include"Search analysis dashboard" can help sellers better understand customers' interests and shopping choices; There is also a "global list" page, which allows sellers to list their products in multiple international stores through a few simple operations.


Amazon Global also said that it would provide additional account management support for Malaysian sellers who sell goods to the United States and Europe worldwide, and expand the tools and resources for seller education to help sellers successfully obtain online help online. Amazon also revealed that it is developing a strong network of service providers, which can further help sellers sell more easily and conveniently in areas such as logistics and storage, account management and advertising optimization.


Today, there are aboutTwo million third-party Amazon sellers, whose products account for more than half of all goods sold in Amazon stores.Among them, the sellers of health and personal care, beauty and office products have achieved outstanding sales results.


According to past experience, if the seller wants to enter the Southeast Asian market, these categories can focus on:


Personal beauty care products


Beauty and personal care products will be the focus of development in Southeast Asia. Under the epidemic situation, people wear masks for a long time, so the base makeup products with strong makeup holding power and eye makeup will be more popular with consumers.


Maternal and infant supplies


Influenced by more and more young parents, the current baby products pay more attention to the use experience. The baby clothes with festival elements are usually sold well before and after the festival.




Toys have always been one of the most popular categories for consumers. The sales and demand of plush toys and remote control toys are increasing. In addition, funny ugly toys have also received great attention in recent years.But when selling toys, sellers should pay attention to copyright issues to avoid infringement.


Experts predict thatIn 2025, Southeast Asia's e-commerce industry is likely to surpass the UK and become the third largest in the world. Therefore, sellers can seize this opportunity, make layout in advance, and strive for more opportunities to break orders.

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